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A Strong Case for Loungewear

Guys, I'm no Nostradamus, but from where I'm sitting, it looks like we''re barrelling headlong into another round of quarantine and lockdowns. And just in time for flu season, no less. It was one thing to be doing the social isolation thing in the spring and summer months; you can still get outside and sort do a modified version of whatever your thing is in summer.

But now a majority of us are going to be moving this microbial rodeo indoors? Yeesh.

But since we're being realistic, and I am nothing if not realistic, we might as well do this thing in style. I mean, come on. It's not going to do anyone's mental health any good to have to exhume the putrid remains of last spring's lockdown sweatpants, is it?

No it is not.

I see absolutely no reason we can't bring back a little swoosh into our lying-around game. Add a little silky fabric here, maybe an ostrich-trimmed mule there. More Slim Aarons, and less People of Wal Mart. Come on guys, we can do this.

I'll leave you with a few photos for inspo.


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