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A Tiered Floral Layered Top

There is a slight danger that I got these photos taken just moments before summer ended here on the wet coast, excuse me I mean the west coast of Scotland. I hope I'm wrong about this, but we've had a really nice long spell of beautiful weather - more so than usual, and in the back of our minds we are all fearful that that may have been it. Goodness knows there's precedent.

New disappointing rainfall notwithstanding, it is still summer,  and therefore time to let the few pieces in my wardrobe that I haven't moved to Florida out into the paddock for a wee gallop. This is a thrifted find - a tiered floral print top from, of all places, White House Black Market - a place that sort of built its whole ethos around a black and white palette with "pops of color". Clearly, this top was one of the "pops of color".  I am thinking this top is circa mid to late 2000s, due to the fabric and the tiered effect. Funny, I almost passed this one by, thinking it was too referential to the decade it is obviously from, but then I kept coming back to it. The red print kept drawing me in. Then I realized that it did not matter one iota if this piece was dated and referential, because that was exactly what I liked about it (since when do I care about these things anyway?) I guess even those of us who as a matter of policy don't give a hoot about the social fashion forecast are still susceptible to it - if only in a subconscious way.

Anyway, it is exquisitely comfy, and as a quick-grab top for summer, also a safe bet because the pattern will hide anything you spill on it (a very real probability if I"m wearing it), and the tiers hide that second...okay, third Gardenburger you ate at the barbecue.

thrifted top, similar / thrifted jeans / thrifted sandals, similar / rose leaf earrings from my Etsy shop / rose gold-plated silver bracelet (old), similar

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