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An Ode to the Mumu

Last week, my sister showed up for our road trip in a canary yellow mumu, and it was the cutest darn thing ever. Admittedly, this took me completely by surprise . As much as I love all things fashion, up until that point I never really considered a mumu to be "real clothes." Over the decades, the poor, long-suffering mumu has often found itself as the butt of jokes, referenced when once attempts to paint a mental picture of a Mrs. Roper type, or perhaps an alcoholic cougar hoping to lure the pool boy into her den.

I'm always glad to be wrong when I am able to shed one of my ingrained prejudices against certain fashion items, and my mumu revelation after gazing upon my sister's canary-hued realness was one of those times. The mumu is not the domain of the eternally drunk and chronically pantsless - the mumu is iconic. It is colorful, it always fits, and it is insanely well-ventilated. Less crazy cat lady, more Slim Aarons.

To that end, some of you may have noticed a few changes in some of the links and icon graphics on the site - namely those for my Etsy shops. I am currently in the process of expanding my Highland Fashionista Etsy shop (once the depository for things I've knitted over the years) to include vintage items. I'm sort of "soft-open" right now, and will stage a more coordinated re-launch in the coming weeks once I've gotten through a little more inventory. The knitwear will re-appear in the shop when I return to the UK.

Having been touched by the Mumu Angels last week, I could think of no better time to grab a few of these pre-loved classics for the shop and take them for a test drive. Let us all welcome the mumu back into our non-sarcastic fashion vernacular. Huzzah!

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Those are both so cute!

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