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Shorts, Interrupted

One of life's fashion-related conundrums happened to me recently, and while it is certainly not unique to these pandemic times, it dawned on me that it's a bit surprising it took this long for it to happen. Like many of you, I'm not particularly thrilled right now at the idea of browsing in crowded shops and trying-on garments many people have touched and breathed-on. Eew. And while I don't particularly miss shopping per se, I do very much miss thrift shopping. When I visit my hometown, thrifting is one of the things I usually do with wild abandon, and this time, with one notable exception (a very large warehouse-type place where distancing is easy) most of my usual haunts are no-go zones.

Now granted, this is a very first world problem indeed. I'm certainly not going to die from sub-therapeutic thrifting levels. I do realize I'm very lucky to be very much alive and well and healthy, and at present with a belly full of grilled walleye and Leinenkugels. Missing thrifting is a minor inconvenience, but I miss it nonetheless, and so as a result I've been trolling Ebay a bit more lately. The one piece chambray romper from Loft that you see on the left was an Ebay find. It was scorching hot in Wisconsin when I first arrived here, and I thought that this piece would be nice and cool in the summer heat. I am quite a tall, long-waisted type, and I usually buy one-piece things like jumpsuits and rompers a size up if they don't actually come in tall sizing, so I did that with this romper.


When it arrived, I might have mistook it for the main sail off of a yacht. It was huge. We're not talking "oh, I'll just put a dart in here and take it in a bit" ...oh no. This romper was swallowing me whole without even doing me the courtesy of chewing first. I'm 5'10" and about 160 lbs, and this thing made me look like a little kid trying on her grandma's mumu. And naturally, like many Ebay auctions, this baby was non-returnable, so I had to either do something with it, or retreat in defeat. I only wish I'd taken a moment to take a photo of it on me in its original permutation, because let me tell you, it was a sight.

Steps Taken in Reinventing This Too-Big Garment

It took me the better part of an afternoon, but I took inches off of this thing; I easily took six or seven inches off of the sides, and I ripped the seam out of the shorts and made it into a skirt. I also removed the side ties. I decided to leave the hemline unfinished so that it would eventually have a more casual, frayed edge (it hadn't yet been washed in the photos). Was it a success? I say yes. It's not the piece I had envisioned when I ordered it, but it's comfy, casual, and has a kind of rumpled ease to it that works a lot better as a dress than it ever would have as a shorts romper, even if it had fit me properly.

Shyanne earrings (old), similar / Barca sterling and turquoise ring (old), similar / Dan Post "heartbreaker" boots (old), similar, concho belt (old), similar

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