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Vintage Style Spotlight: 1990s Print Shirts Still Look Cool

A woman in a vertical stripe 1990s style print shirt, styled with a Western flair

90s prints are uniquely recognizable. Not only do they employ a lot of borrowed from the 60s browns, blues, patchwork and batik themes, they also carry on the strong, abstract graphic elements made popular by their predecessors in the 80s.

I suppose like any print, 1990s style prints everyones cup of tea, but if you're looking for an easy one and done statement piece that nobody else will likely have, you really can't go wrong. I like how the juxtaposition of such a busy, multimedia style print with a neutral, often downright somber color palette really is something we haven't seen in mainstream fashion since. Here are a few pieces that landed in the shop this past few weeks.


The Ultimate 1990s Style Print: The Vertical Stripe

One of the most quintessentially 90s prints out there, particularly with 90s era westernwear, is the vertical stripe shirt. This Western-inspired 90s classic rayon blouse has a batik element in it that gives it some depth and keeps it from being too "circusy."

A woman with gray hair in a 1990s style vertical strips shirt and tall boots

The 90s Does the 70s with Patchwork Prints

Patchwork prints really had a moment in the 90s. Even the more somber, earthy color palettes used in many of these prints harkened back to the "harvest gold", more muted color palettes of prints from the 1970s. These patchwork prints, like the one featured on this oversized button front blouse, are really easy to style in a more modern way with a bit of boho Western flair.

A woman in a button-down 1990s style print oversized top styled with a Western flair

A side view of a woman in a 1990s style print oversized top

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