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A Little Leopard

I've written extensively about leopard print and how over the years it has sort of become the sartorial harbinger of all things courgardom. You can find a lot of those posts over in the archive if you're wanting to add some leopard print to your life but perhaps are needing a bit more reassurance or inspiration than offered by this post. And I suppose to a certain extent, if we're being completely honest we have to admit that there is some truth in The Leopard Print Cougar Parable.


I have always truly believed that as with anything else in this life, a sartorial accent like leopard print is all down to how you use it. This little flutter-sleeve blouse is a piece I found on eBay after seeing a similar cute leopard blouse in a shop online that was all but sold out in every size except ultra-microscopic. I really love this little secondhand find, and was even more excited when I realized that it looked pretty cool paired with some turquoise for a boost of color.

The Three Key Ingredients for Selecting a Flattering Leopard Print Garment

I don't have a ton of leopard print in my wardrobe any more, but the pieces I do have I very carefully selected based on a few key elements.

1. Color Make sure that the undertone of the leopard print is flattering to your skin tone. There are all sorts of variations, from brown to tan to grey, so there's some wiggle room here. This one has a bit of a peachiness to it that works well for me. The gradient in the color also gives it a more expensive, finished look than if if were just a flat print.

2. Print Scale Depending on what kind of a look you're going for, scale is important. Too big and it will overwhelm you - particularly if you're petite. Too small, and it doesn't read as leopard, but rather just a dingy, ditsy brown print. I liked the scale of this one, which I would class as "medium". I suppose it depends on what you're using as a control group.

3. Fit This is really the key ingredient when choosing a leopard print garment. You don't need a lot extra bells and whistles with a leopard print garment. It doesn't need to be as tight as a sausage-casing, or super low-cut, or super duper short (if it's a skirt), or encrusted with's leopard. It doesn't need our clumsy help being eye catching, it was born that way. Like me, leopard does not even have an inside voice. It's loud, and it's not sorry. So pick a piece that's flattering to your particular body type and that's comfortable to wear, then just get out of its way.

It really is that easy. Have fun with it!

Charlie One Horse Highway Hat / seondhand blouse, similar / duster cardigan (old), similar / Shyanne belt (old), similar / Dingo Laurel boots (sold out), similar / gemstone bracelets from my Etsy Shop / Turquoise rings (old), similar, similar / Vigoss skinny jeggings

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