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Announcement: Website First Aid

Hey everyone. If you've been here a while (or perhaps even been here only once before), you're likely aware that I'm still in the process of migrating the blog. It came to my attention today that my Bloglovin feed was not updating properly, as were some of my RSS feeds for the blog. If you've been subscribed for a while, especially via RSS or Bloglovin', you may not be getting updated feeds (particularly on Bloglovin'). So while I work to sort out the feeds, you may find you need to re-subscribe. The best way to do this is at the bottom of the site either via email, or if you are a diehard fan of RSS, there's a wee link to my Feedburner there as well. Once the rest is sorted I'll have the Bloglovin' option up and running again too.

Thanks for your patience!


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