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Better Late Than Never

A surprise beauty post today! I received a lost packet of mail today from the post office. When I'm back in the UK our Floridian mail gets held, and apparently this RealHer promo sample had arrived for me at some point in July but somehow not gotten delivered with the rest of the mail. So it was a bit like Christmas today. I got some lovely new stuff!

You guys might remember RealHer Cosmetics from my previous post that I did about six months ago. If you need a refresher, RealHer is a cruelty-free, paraben-free prestige makeup brand (who are not paying me to say that, btw) built around the message of the empowerment of women. Their mission is to remind all women that we are valuable, worthy and beautiful human beings, and this ethos is reinforced by mantras that are inscribed onto their products. Their products are truly lovely, and after my last post I did for them back in December I went on to send a few pieces from their website to both my mom and sister for Christmas.

This particular lovely bundle arrived on my doorstep to announce the launch of their new lip kits. I was thrilled to get this lip kit, even if it was a few weeks behind schedule. RealHer is literally the only company that can convince me to wear a liquid matte long-wearing lip color. I simply do not come out for liquid matte lipsticks for anyone else. Goodness knows I've tried, and I'm pretty sure there's video footage to prove it. Normally I find matte, long-wearing formulas chalky, ageing, and far too drying. They make me constantly aware of their presence. However. RealHer manages to make it feel lightweight, emollient, and for me a little goes a long, long way. I regularly use mine as a base for any number of my lipsticks, and also just slap a bit on when I'm in a hurry and know I'm not gonna have time to play with my lipstick later.

This time around, I received the I Can and I Will kit, which is a mauve-based pink. Admittedly, when I first pulled it out I thought it was going to be way too blue-based for my yellowish-tan skin, but as usual, I was wrong. The shade is universally flattering, and the pencil and gloss in the kit translate well to use with just about anything in your existing makeup kit.

Also in the package were three shades of the new Definer Brow Pencil. The shade that I chose was the darkest (despite the ever-whitening front half of my hair), called "Eye am Inspiring."

Eyebrow makeup is always a little bit tricky for me. Because I have so much silver in the front of my hair, I need a slightly cooler brow pencil, and those can be hard to find. Most pencils turn out to be either too orangey, or too blue-based inky black.

The Eye Am Inspiring, while perhaps even slightly warmer than Anastasia brow gel I have been using, actually worked quite well indeed. The pencil is nice and thin, easy to apply, and easy to blend. I daresay I may be a convert. Pencils are infinitely easier to wield than clunky wand brushes.

What I am struck by with these products, just as I was last time, is how natural they are when you have them on. You can layer them up easily; but they have a very forgiving, almost watercolor-like quality that creates more of a glow and less of a "painted on" look - exactly what you want when you're not twenty five any more.


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