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Black & Gold LBD by Lilly

I didn't realize until after I shot the first few photos in this dress that there is a little piece of my dog in just about every one of the shots. And as always, he (or more specifically, his rear-end) made the cut, because I am inherently lazy and I am not going traipsing out there a second time for the sake of some canine booty.

So. The dress. This Lilly Pulitzer dress is a bit of an enigma. Yes, it's short, tight, and shows a it of cleavage, but at the same time it is also made of this really comfy, light, stretchy fabric, and the top sort of has an almost scuba-like fit that actually reads a lot sportier than all this short, tight, goldness would have you believe at first glance. Normally, I would have paired this with a pair of simple flat gold sandals, but most of my good flat sandals are in Florida, so I had to go with what I had. Really, when your dress is short, tight, and shows a bit of cleave, the last thing you need to do is add heels. But, well. There ya go. Thinking about wearing this for my upcoming 47th birthday dinner, which is insane, because there will probably be a LOT of food, and beer,..and you will literally be able to see each and every IPA I drink in this dress, and I envision sucking my gut in the entire night...okay, maybe I just talked myself out of it.

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