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Blue Specialist Shirt

Well heloooo there! Yes, it's been a while. Things have been a bit hectic lately, but today I managed a quick run out to the back shed to take a few snaps of this badass shirt that I'm wearing today. I'd been stalking this Ryan Michael shirt that I'd seen in a couple of places online, but it was always just too dang expensive for me for something that I didn't really need. It was getting harder and harder to find (almost impossible now), and I had sort of given up on it, when one day, one of the few eBay alerts I've ever set in my life pinged at me, and there it was, about a third of the price, and in my size. Yes please.

It's a combination tie dye and plaid, combed cotton, western snap front, fully plaid-lined, double-layer tiered wide bell sleeve with an unfinished hem. Whew! There's a lot going on here. I know, it's wild, and granted, this shirt is what I would call a specialist shirt. You do not want to reach over a bowl of cheesy Ro-Tel dip in this baby. You certainly do not under any circumstance want to pass the potatoes over a votive candle. I've actually seen this. My dad and mom used to host my dad's foreign university students for dinner when we were little, and I watched wide-eyed as a girl from England lit her chiffon bell sleeve on fire at the dinner table. Everyone made a huge fuss, but for my 9 year-old self it was totally amazing. Chiffon really goes up you guys, I'm serious. Such drama. Maybe that's why I like this weird, wild shirt so much. THE DRAMA. Without the fire.

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