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Clothes to Sweat In

Today is my last full day here in southwest Florida before heading back to Scotland, and I was hoping to be at the beach, but the summer rains had other ideas. However, rain notwithstanding, it's still pretty dang hot out there. In fact, many of you across the globe right now are probably frying like bacon, sweltering in these record temperatures. To be honest, in comparison to the rest of the USA, we've been having a relatively standard July in Florida where in July, frying like bacon is pretty much normal.

On that note, when temperatures reach "frying like bacon", it really sort of takes away my desire, or even my ability to get fancy. Not that I have a particular need to be super-fancy in my life, but really, in hot climates even simple things like styling my hair or putting on makeup feels too fancy for me, so as you will probably notice in a lot of my warm weather posts, I just don't do it. In fact, that approach is sort of becoming my thing as I get older. If it's fussy, takes a lot of time, or requires a lot of steps, I'm probably just not going to do it. Period.

That's why this dress is nice. I found it in a small local boutique for around $30. Not a fortune, but not my usual secondhand price point either. I think it's supposed to be a beach dress. I fell in love with the color and when I tried it on realized just how handy it might be down here. It's essentially a big, gauzy, unfussy, textured tent that doesn't stick to you in the heat. As you can tell from my chipping toenail paint, lack of makeup, and un-styled hair, unfussy is something I hold in great esteem these days.

India Boutique dress (see similar below) / turquoise necklace (old), similar  / turquoise ring (old), similar, similar, similar /  turquoise earrings (old), similar / tassel sandals (old), similar

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Pierre Mercer
Pierre Mercer
Sep 08, 2021

Great read thank yyou

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