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Comfiest Sundress Ever

This is a simple cotton shift dress made by the aptly named European brand Nude Atelier, and let me tell is COMFY. Seriously you guys this thing is as comfy as a mumu.

The dress came in my subscription box from Lookiero (who are not paying me, I hasten to add), which I do on-demand every once in a while just for inspiration. When I first laid eyes on this piece, it was one of those dresses that I normally would not have not given a second look to for so many reasons. It's midi-length (which I have always found a difficult length, although admittedly, it's growing on me), it has very little hanger appeal (okay, not the end of the world but still), it isn't a particularly colourful or eye-catching print (you know me well enough to know I like color and pattern), and overall, at first glance it seemed to be the sartorial equivalent of a massive yawn.

That said, the entire reason I occasionally dip into the world of online stylist edit boxes is to try and push myself into things I might not ordinarily try. Well, that and it's also fun. And now that I've discovered that there is an "on-demand" setting for these subscription services, I feel more comfortable about doing them, as you can chose your deliveries to come only when you're feeling that your budget allows.

This being a slip dress, I almost didn't try it on. Having been alive and in my 20s for the 1990s, in my mind slip dresses were and are the domain of those wraithlike girls that were a thing during that era. I can say with good authority that I am not, nor have I ever been one of those girls. I am, in the words of a riding instructor I work with from time to time, "built for work ". I consider this a high complement by the way, particularly in the context of having been sat atop one of his very well-appointed reining horses at the time.

Anyway, this dress. It's made of the soft combed-cotton and is lined (also cotton). It breathes. It's roomy. It looks cool belted. It looks cool with my boots or with sandals. It's perfect for hot weather, or layering-up. And perhaps most importantly, it got me to try something new, and succeeded in closing the deal.

If you're in the UK or Europe (sorry fellow Americans, they're not in the USA at this time) and want to give Lookiero a try, you can get 10% off by entering the code:


Dress: Nude Atelier via Lookiero / Ariat belt / Dan Post "Heartbreaker" boots (old), similar / sterling silver star dangle earrings from a sale at TK Maxx, similar / Judith Ripka heart ring, Judith Ripka multiple heart ring (old), similar / Oasis bag (currently unavailbale), similar

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