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Early Deals Sale Starting at Etsy!

A sepia toned photo of a woman in a boho-Western inspired dress and cowboy boots. Text superimposed over the photo announcing the Etsy Early Deals sale

Well hello there fashionphiles! This is your official one day's notice to make you aware of Etsy's early deals that are starting October 23rd (that's tomorrow if you're reading this in real time). This year Etsy is really extending their sales so you will be able to grab deals for the next month at all participating shops!

I will be running the following sales for the entire duration of the sale period through the end of November!

  • Highland Fashionista Vintage - 25% off orders of $60 or more, and buyers in *participating countries (*US, UK, Germany and Canada) can make offers on items marked final sale.

  • Puzz Factor Vintage Puzzles - 25% off orders of $40 or more, and *participating countries can make an offer on all shop items

The Etsy early deals sale will be running site-wide, so there will be many participating shops, so come have a poke around and pick up some deals, grab a sustainable holiday outfit, and help support small businesses!

A triple frame of a woman wearing three different vintage dresses.

Three beaded and sequinned vintage tops from the 1990s

Three photos of 70s era clothing; a navy and gold belted ski parka, an orange short sleeve leisure suit, and a belted leather trench coat.

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