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Eternal Summer

Once again I'm honored to partner with Scotland-based Eternal Collection in what turns out to be a very well-timed post, what with the beautiful, sunny weather we're having in Scotland right now. As most of you regular readers already know, in warmer, sunnier weather, I tend to choose bright colors and riotous floral and tropical patterns, requiring very little from my accessory game other than a little flash of something - just for balance and to feel "finished." At least, that's how I like to think of it. This Seashore Amazonite and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet fits the bill exactly. Often when it's warm, or more often when I'm packing my outfits for a warm-weather trip and have a finite amount of stuff I can bring (because the airlines practically require a second mortgage to check a bag these days), I usually will only bring one, maybe two main pieces of jewellery with me, so whatever I bring has to be versatile. And this bracelet really is. It's got just a bit of color, a bit of silver, and a sprinkle of the kind of whimsy that I tend to love in my summer clothes. While my next trip across the pond is yet a few weeks away, I'm already mentally packing those few extra things I'll put in my backpack, and this bracelet from Eternal Collection is definitely one of them. What's even better, they are having 50% off of a lot of the styles on their website right now, so get in there you guys!

The other stuff: Palm Beach Sandals, similar / Lilly Pulitzer Essie top / thrifted cutoff shorts (old) / Lilly Pulitzer Marlow dress (past season), more recent season / Michael Kors Sandals (old), sort of similar (£££)

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