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Fall Forecast: Sweater Dress Weather

This knit dress has been bumping around in my closet for the last two years. It was a lucky thrift store find, a Jones New York dress that was brand spanking new with the tags still attached when I found it at the local thrift store in my Wisconsin hometown. I have been meaning to do a post about this dress since I got it, but the circumstances in which I came to find it kind of led me to put it off in favor of more important matters, and over time I just kind of forgot to do the post - until now. Before this dress came to live with me, I had been away on an overnight work training here in Scotland. I had taken the train 90 miles to Glasgow when I got the call to fly home to the US for a family emergency. All I had with me was a change of underwear, a spare t-shirt and bare minimum toiletries all stuffed into a tote bag.  Thankfully, I also had my passport. That was a lucky strike, I usually don't carry it with me when I travel within the UK, it just happened to still be in the bag from my last trip. Once I arrived in the US and things settled down a but, I realized I was in need of a dress. It was summer when all this played-out, so it was fairly easy hit up the thrift stores for casual sundresses, shorts, and t shirts to get me through while I was there, but I figured I'd take a shot at finding a more conservative occasion dress there as well. This is what I found. I am still amazed at how well this thing fits - it's body conscious without being tight. It has a subtle empire waist, so it is incredibly comfortable, and it works for most seasons. I also love that it references a Missoni knit (if you've been following the blog you'll already know that I have a soft spot for all things Missoni). Even the colors are perfect, this dress will continue to match my ever evolving hair color as it gets exponentially more silver every year. It's definitely a keeper.

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