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I've been meaning to follow up on my post from last May when I wrote about my rather unfortunate encounter with trimming my own bangs ("fringe" for you Brits) and the subsequent walk in haircut that I had gotten in an attempt to correct that little lapse in judgement. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my femullet - the 70s-inspired haircut that's been in every curly and wavy-haired woman's "should I or shouldn't I" iPhone Pinterest gallery for the last few years.

In my case, I really loved a shag haircut I got a little over a year ago, but felt like it got too heavy too fast, so I wanted something that resembled that haircut but maybe a bit edgier and cooler. I also wanted something I could let grow with the occasional bang trim and it would still look intentional. I've been known to go six months without a haircut, so something that worked with my rather unruly waves and managed to make them into an intentional style was a very appealing concept indeed. I should add here that for me, when I say I wanted to look "intentional" or "styled", what I really mean is "feral." After fifty one years on the planet, I've found that super-prim looks just don't work for me, lifestyle wise or otherwise. I prefer to look like I just rode in off the range on a barely-gentled mustang, kicked in the door to the saloon, grabbed a giant chicken leg off of someone's plate and took a bite, ordered a beer with my mouth full of chicken, then took to the stage to play the guitar solo from Freebird.

Even though my hair was shorter than I normally would have wanted it to be to get it cut again, I desperately needed to get some of the weight off my head. I have fine hair, but it is very dense, and even with long layers, it gets really heavy really quick. And let me tell you, there was a lot of hair on the ground when we were done. It looked like a family of skunks exploded under my chair.

So that's it. I am now fully entrenched in the Mullet Lifestyle. I'm not sure what that is, but I'll let you know as soon as I have some solid intel. For now, I plan on letting this new cut grow a bit more yet, but now I feel like I can do so without having the weight of a wet Pendleton blanket sitting on top of my head. If any of you are wavy-haired like me, I've linked a few affordable products down below that are quickly becoming my go-to styling products. Maybe some of them will work for you too.

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