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Grocery Store Boho Summer Dress

woman sanding on some stairs with a wooden fence backdrop wearing a boho prairie skirt dress with a black wide waist belt, a black Western fedora, and black over the knee cowboy boots

I was in our local grocery store a few weeks ago, and decided to wander through the little section in front where they sell the clothes. This voluminous printed cotton dress was hanging on the sale rack with a £7 price tag on it. At first I dismissed it, thinking its long length and voluminous silhouette just wasn't really my style. But as I was wandering about the grocery store, putting peanut butter and tuna and bags of arugula in my basket, I kept thinking about the dress, so I went back.

I'm glad I did. I can't remember the last time I bought something off the rack, let alone something hanging in a grocery store clothing section. Normally I completely ignore these items, which are almost always problematic fast fashion pieces that have come into existence using questionable labor and business practices. This is still likely the case here, but this dress is actually surprisingly well made for a fast fashion grocery store piece, and with a price tag of £7, I decided to go off piste a bit and give it a try.


Apparently the Grocery Store Boho Summer Dress Has Gone Viral

Apparently I'm not the only one drawn to this dress. The dresses from this summer '22 capsule collection from F&F for Tesco (FYI Americans, Tesco is the name of the grocery store chain) - the dresses in the collection made quite a splash in the British and Irish fashion news, as well as on social media when they were released earlier in the summer. I can see why. The viral boho summer dress is surprisingly well made, is versatile and comfy, can be dressed up or down, and can be adapted to warm or cooler weather. Will I start to include the grocery store clothing section into my shopping rotation? Probably not. These large chain fast fashion operations still have a lot to answer for in terms of being one of the biggest polluters on the planet, so you'll have to forgive me my transgression, just this once. Since this item was on clearance, I can't link you to it if you like the look, but I've left you several more sustainable options below for you to recreate it.

A split screen image of a woman in a black and white full skirted maxi dress, styled for summer and winter on each side respectively

A close up of some animal themed bangle bracelets worn with a maxi dress styled for summer

a woman with salt and pepper hair wearing a black and white dress and a pair of bright orange beaded parrot earrings

s woman in a black and white maxi dress pulling her skirt up to reveal tall, over the knee cowboy boots underneath

a woman in a black and white maxi dress , wearing a black Western fedora and turquoise earrings and neckace

a photo of a woman in a black and white maxi dress styled with Western accessories, standing in front of a wooden outbuilding

copper Mojave turquoise earrings (personal), similar| turquoise and leather necklace (personal), similar

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