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It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity

A bit of a different background for you guys. I'm in the US at the moment, and yes, I had to fly back mid-pandemic. I am currently on day 9 of my quarantine, so my trips outside are sort of limited to workouts and outdoor socially-distanced dinners in my mom's back yard, which is where I snapped this with my iPhone. Flying in the middle of a pandemic wouldn't have been my first choice, but sometimes things cannot be helped. Anyway, so far so good. I wore all my super-sexy PPE gear on the plane (well, I wore a mask and goggles. Not the gown, gloves, and face shield), and overall people were pretty well-behaved. A few people got lazy with the masks mid-flight but the flight attendants were pretty quick to correct that. And just another reminder to everyone, if you're wearing your mask below your Just, no. That is tantamount to only pulling your bra up over one boob, or if you're a guy, pulling on your trousers but leaving the fly open and letting your family jewels hang out the opening. Just, cover both your nose and mouth, okay? Okay then.

It is hot here. I mean HOT. I've been averaging two showers a day after workouts and being outside, and I have not put a stitch of makeup on the entire time I've been here. But what's good about the heat, besides actually getting to experience real summer, is that is that I finally get to wear this jersey dress I found at Gap about 100 years ago and have hardly worn. In Scotland it's just not all that climate appropriate. Normally I'm not really gravitating to black clothing all that much any more, nor would I think of it as a hot weather color, but this really is a perfect travel dress. The comfort of the heavy jersey fabric, the drape, the fact that it's long enough to be able to sit any way you like in it, but that the curve in the hemline on either side makes it easy to really is perfect for hot weather. Oh, and it doesn't wrinkle. Because I hate to iron. When travelling, unless it's some sort of special occasion or emergency, I'm probably not going to do it. Life is way too short for ironing.

Gap dress (old), similar / M&F "Twister" straw hat / Target sandals (ancient), similar

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