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Lilly Gets Groovy

This post is for astute reader Kelly, who has been asking me to do more Lilly Pulitzer posts for some time now, and I have not gotten around to them because a lot of my Lilly stuff is in Florida, which is currently the viral epicenter of the universe. Thanks for your patience Kelly, more are on the way at some point, I promise.

This is the Lilly Pulitzer Essie top. I have several of these. They fit well - with a certain amount of ease that works well when the weather is hot. And, perhaps most relevant to my affinity for them and in keeping with reason Pulitzer began her line of rather vibrantly-printed clothing in the first place - they effectively camouflage any dirt you get on yourself, which naturally is a favorite pastime of mine.

This particular evening, I paired it with my Free People bellbottoms, really in more of an attempt to keep out the mosquitos due to the fact that at the time, I had not yet completed my two week quarantine after flying to the US from the UK, and needed to be able to sit outside at a distance from my family for a meal and not become part of the menu myself. This is one of those looks that just sort of happened; unwashed hair (you can always tell because of what I like to call my "emergency braids"), a quick pull-on top, and by the time I got to the bellbottoms I started to realize that I actually was creating sort of a thing here. I decided just to go with it, and I rather like the effect. It's like something that the black sheep older sister of a super- preppy 1970s family is wearing as she pulls-up to the country club in her VW camper van, knowing full well they have a "no denim" rule.

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