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Long Over Long: A Just in Case Jacket

And just like's fall. For the last few weeks  while I was away I have literally been wearing little other than a bathing suit, and now we're back to standard operating wardrobe procedures. Not that anything about this jacket is standard for me. This is a Dana Buchman brocade jacket that I thrifted  about a year ago while I was in Wisconsin. It's quite a conservative piece, something I normally don't gravitate to - it almost has a kind of "political candidate" vibe to it. However, there was something about it that I liked - probably the fact that it's versatile, and kind of ticks a certain "more conservative occasion" box that every so often, we all need.

On those rare occasions that I actually do need to dress a bit more conservatively or maybe corporately, I always struggle with what to put on top. I gravitate towards a lot of shift dresses, and kind of get sick of the whole cardigan-pairing thing. You have to get the length of a cardigan exactly right so that it hits you in the right spot, or you just end up looking a bit mumsy. The shape of this lightweight jacket is a "swing" shape that looks nice over just about anything. Swing shapes are very forgiving, and to my eye really look best when you leave them open, which I am more inclined to do. I'm not a person that does tightly-buttoned-up anything. I can't even stand long sleeves without rolling them up. But anyway, I digress. This jacket, despite the fact that I rarely wear it, made the cut during my recent closet clean-out sale. Because we all need a just in case jacket.

thrifted Dana Buchman jacket size M,  here's the exact same jacket in the same size!! / MIH Marrakesh jeans / Stuart Weitzman patent pumps (old), similar / black freshwater pearl and 14k strand  and earrings (old), similar

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