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Save Your Skin with More Safe Sunscreen Reviews

A split screen photo of a pair of flip flops in the sand with shells, and a shoreline with seagrass

Greetings again fashionphiles! Last year, I trialed a few of the Environmental Working Group's top-rated sunscreens on a trip I took to Greece, and came up with a few solid favourites. I am pleased to announce that a few months ago, I did the same thing on a trip to Southwest Florida, and have a few more names I can add to the mix if you are looking for some top-rated, safe sunscreens. Getting your sunscreen game right is becoming more and more important by the year, so hopefully this will help you find something that works for you, as it has for me.

**JUNE 2023 - UPDATED**


Safe Sunscreen Reviews for Your Upcoming Vacation

A tube of ThinkSport sunscreen sitting on a dock

This is the "sport" version of the sunscreen that is made by the same people who make the ThinkBaby sunscreen, which was the trip favourite of my last sunscreen review post. To be honest, I didn't notice that much of a difference between this formulation and the ThinkBaby formulation, but that may have been because a lot of time elapsed in-between. Perhaps the ThinkSport was very slightly drier (and therefore thicker), but that may just have to do with the age of the product or shipping exposure and whatnot. Overall, I would definitely purchase this one again, and found it very effective, although I am not entirely convinced that it would hold up to "sport" the way I engage in sport. I have yet to meet a sunscreen that will not run into my eyes while running or sweating on the tennis court. Grade A+

JUNE 2023 UPDATE: Nothing new to add here. This is a safe and very effective sunscreen, I prefer the Think Baby to the Think Sport, and didn't find that much difference onther than the slightly drier formula of the sport.

A tube of Raw Elements sunscreen

This was the highest-rated of my husband's safe sunscreen reviews of our trip; his criteria for being that by far it was the easiest formula to blend-in. To be fair, this is something that can be quite a chore with natural sunscreens and can really make or break your experience with them. Although I agree with his assessment, I thought that it didn't soak-in as readily as some of the others I'd tried, leaving you a bit shiny and "wet" for longer that I'd like. However, that didn't stop me from ordering 4 more bottles for our upcoming trip to the Bahamas, because it worked really well, and at the end of the day, that's what matters. I will also add here, that despite the "fragrance free" formula, there is a very distinct fragrance to it (likely form the natural ingredients) that I liken to the smell of the inside of a health food store. It's not unpleasant, just rather different.  Grade B+

UPDATE JUNE 2023: This sunscreen is a little harder to get your hands on in a pinch, but it's lovely and moisturizing, and reef safe!

Beyond Coastal Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

A tube of Beyond Coastal sunscreen

This one was my favourite of the trip, so naturally it is also the most difficult one to find - especially in the UK. This one had good spreadability, a light formulation, lasted all day long (yes, I know you're supposed to re-apply…don't judge!), and best of all, it soaks into the skin within minutes of application, making it easy to get dressed again and get on with your day. It was my intention to grab a bunch of these for our Bahamas trip (to add to the three ThinkBaby sunscreens we already have), but I left it too late what with all the holiday-related bank holidays they have over here. One note, if you want to try this one, be sure you get the "natural" sunscreen version. They make some chemical and hybrid sunscreens too that while really good, are not top-rated like the natural one.  Grade A+

JUNE 2023 UPDATE: Sadly, this one has gotten too hard to find. Instead, try the EWG-verified Babo Botanicals Sheer Mineral Sunscreen, or the Babo Baby Skin Formula.

A tube of Babo Botanicals sheer mineral sunscreen


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