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New RealHer Shades!

Another wonderful surprise package from RealHer found its way to me a little over a week ago. They've rolled-out five new shades of their Matte Liquid Lipstick, and sent them to me to take for a spin.

For most of last week, I wore a new shade every day. You'll remember from my post not so long ago that these RealHer liquid Matte lipsticks are literally the only liquid matte lipstick I'll even go near. They stay on beautifully, aren't overly drying, and can be used as a stain or a base to create endless other looks. Just today, I had no makeup on, but put a bit of one of the pink shades on before I nipped out on my scooter. the weather went from Florida sun to wind to drizzle while I was out, but my lips stayed put. That lipstick looked the same when I came home hours later as it did when I put it on.

These new shades really go from one end of the spectrum to the other, and even though at first glance I thought perhaps some of them might for me, especially with a bit of sun on my skin, They are all pretty wearable, albeit with differing levels of drama. Just like real life, I suppose. I did this little experiment by wearing these shades exactly as I would in my daily life, as opposed to as one might for the camera. In other words, if it looks like I'm wearing minimal make-up, that's because more often than not, I am. That's how I roll most days, especially when it's hot outside.

So let's get to it, shall we?


This was the lightest shade of the bunch, and probably too light for my slightly olive, tanned skin. It was sort of like putting concealer on my lips, but in the spirit of the exercise, I decided just to go with it and make it into a LEWK.

On me, this shade really was a very 1960s white-out kind of shade so it cried out for a dark eye. So that's what I did,. It's more makeup than I normally wear during the day, but I ended up really liking the look. Even with my bra strap hanging out in the photo. Yep. We're all about keepin' it real over here at Highland Fashionista HQ.


This is a shade that I would buy ten thousand times over. In fact, it's a shade that I probably have ten thousand versions of right now. On me, I Am Enough is a perfect neutral shade for those low/no makeup days as well as a perfect base for any other. It is the kind of look I wear every day and offers just a hint of color. I especially liked this one with a bit of sun on my skin. For me, I consider this shade an essential.


I Am Brilliant is a lovely mauve-based pink that I would place firmly in the "everyday" category. Because I have sun on my skin right now, it was a bit on the light side for me at the time of this photo, but this is one that I would say is slightly more intentional and finished of a look (than say the more neutral previous shade I Am Enough) in that it gives a hint of color without needing to scream it at you. I think we've all had enough screaming in 2020, am I right?


My reaction when I first encountered this shade was "...oh boy" followed by a conciliatory "well, it was nice of my 1990s lipstick to pay me a visit after all these years."

Once was the time I wore a shade this dark as a part of my larger 1990s uniform. That was nearly three decades ago, and if I do go dramatic these days, I tend to favor brighter reds, pinks, and corals on account of the hair.

That said, the shade was not as harsh on me as I had envisioned. Granted, I think this shade would look best on someone a with dark skin, or conversely, someone with porcelain skin who's really making it a look, but I did manage to find a happy balance with this one. It is a very blue-based shade, and with sun on my skin, it made for an odd contrast. I also found it to be way too opaque if I applied it straight from the tube with liner and allowed it to dry down; it required a bit of blotting, and was a bit harder to get even due to the relative opacity of the shade. Would I buy this shade? Probably not at age 49. My 29 year old self would have been all over it. But this shade is a commitment, and I am inherently lazy. But you never know - these days I tend to eschew certain shades, then shortly thereafter wish I had it when something comes up.


I saved this one for last because it was hands-down my favorite. I AM AMAZING is a bright, firey orange-red (the swatch in the photo just doesn't do it justice). I knew the minute I unpacked this one it was going to be the favorite. This is how I like to bring the drama.

On me, this shade had all of the drama of the darker I AM A GODDESS, but without the trickiness of application. Perhaps it is on account of the warmer shade matching my skin tone better, but this shade went right on without any hassle, and stayed there. This shade is one of those shades where the lipstick is literally the only makeup you will need. And yes, it shouts. But I happen like its message.


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