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Not Really a Hat Person

I've always thought of myself as not really a hat person. I suppose now that we split our time between Scotland an Florida I find myself wearing hats more often to keep the sun out, but generally I always steered clear of them on account of my gianormous head. Seriously, my head is huge you guys. Plus I have a lot of hair, so if I do buy a hat, I have to take hairstyle into account as well because it will absolutely affect the fit of a hat. I always purchase my riding helmets a size up to make room for braids.

So I suppose I sort of surprised myself when I saw this hat online and was really drawn to it. This is the Charlie 1 Horse Highway hat. Charlie 1 Horse is an American western hat maker that also does these kind of in-between fashion styles. I really liked the way this hat mixed the design elements of a pinch-front western hat and a fedora. I got it in black because I felt it was the right pick for the season, but it comes in a lot of really nice colors, both neutral and jewel-tone, so there very well may be another of these in my future.

I think that what I've discovered I like best about this hat is that it's a really easy way to change/elevate a look drop of a hat.

I know. Sorry.

hat as above / fringe sleeve sweater (UK), fringe sleeve sweater (US) / MiH Marrakesh jeans (UK), MiH Marrakesh jeans (US) / sterling silver feather cuff bracelet (old), similar (UK), similar (US) / concho earrings (old), similar (UK)similar (US) / chrysocolla ring (old), similar 

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