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OOTD: An Accidental & Colorful Western Inspired Look

A woman standing against a barn in the desert wearing a colorful Western inspired look

I've got a quick Outfit of the Day post for you today, and as the label says, it all happened by accident. Having picked up a night shift at the hospital, I arrived home on this morning determined to do something more productive than just sleep the day away. I decided to refresh and reshape a few of my felt hats that were respectively a little snug and had a few dents in them from lazy storage on my part. I also decided that I would film my efforts for a bit of "educational" social media content. True to form, I did this in the laziest possibly way, donning a pair of post-night shift sweatpants and the above sleeveless tee.

Once I had finished, I decided to snap a few photos of one of the hats (yes, the one in the photos), since it was a fairly new addition to my online shop (when possible I prefer to use original photos instead of media packs for my inventory). I pulled on the first pair of jeans in my denim pile, threw on some accessories, and stepped into my dog walking boots.

During the shoot, I realized that I actually really like the colorful Western-inspired look I sort of accidentally created with my laziness! It's colorful, has a fun boho-Western vibe, and is rugged enough to withstand Highland weather and the antics of a very active 6 month old puppy!

Sometimes just throwing a look together without thinking is a perfect lesson in relying on your instincts and impulses to crowd out that little second-guessing voice in your head. The result will undoubtedly make you smile!

An above the waist shot of a woman wearing a denim shearling jacket, a tie dye shirt, and a rust colored Western fedora

A woman wearing a colorful Western inspired look featuring tie dye and a fedora

A woman wearing a rust colored Western style fedora, consho and turquoise earrings, and a tie dye shirt for a colorful Western inspired look.

The Desperado Western Fedora | thrifted Vans sleeveless tee, similar | Ariat belt (old), similar Grace in LA Jeans | Grace in LA shearling jacket (old), similar | concho earrings (old), similar

Ariat Fatbaby boots (old), similar


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