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Vintage Southwestern Style Tapestry Jackets are Chic AF

A woman in a Western style vintage 90s Aztec print tapestry jacket

Back in the late 80s into the early 2000s, these Southwestern style tapestry jackets were absolutely everywhere. I've had more than a few of these vintage pieces through the shop recently, so since they seem to be popular right now I thought I'd let a few of my current ones out to play in a highlight post.

What Makes 90s Southwestern Style Work in 2023?

What I like about these pieces is that they're colourful, upbeat, and have a bit more structure than their sweater or fleece counterparts; in that respect they're perfect for this time of year. The two jackets here are early 2000s and early 90s, respectively. Both are great examples of "one and done" dressing since they require little help. The first vintage jacket shown here is pretty much a look unto itself and required very little effort on my part other than to just show up with some favourite silver or turquoise pieces in tow. The second jacket featured is a bit shorter, which is perfect for creating the a layered, short-over-long balance.

The little Southwestern tapestry bag featured below is a new addition to the shop. It's a vegan handbag (circa 2000) with a fully adjustable strap that can go from shoulder bag to crossbody, and it is adorable.

Front view of a woman in a Southwestern Style vintage tapestry jacket

A woman in a Southwestern style tapestry jacket styled with turquoise

A woman in a vintage 80s Southwestern style tapestry jacket

Full body shot of a woman at sunset stading next to a wooden shed in a Southwestern style tapestry jacket, jeans and cowboy boots

A vintage aztec print tapestry handbag

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