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Resting Puzzle Face: Adventures With Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles

a woman looking down at a puzzle with the stars in the sky above her

Attention fellow puzzle nerds! Today I'm announcing the soft opening of Puzz Factor on Etsy - the sister shop to Highland Fashionista vintage!

Puzz Factor Etsy's shop banner featuring a pure white jigsaw puzzle on a gradient background

True Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles

On my last trip to the states, my sister and I spent a lot of time "getting our puzz on", and I realized how much I really enjoy doing puzzles. Puzzles are relaxing, meditative, and for those of us who prefer a visually stimulating medium over say, a crossword or Wordle or some such thing, they are oh so satisfying!

Being a person who spends a majority of her free time looking at vintage clothing and accessories, vintage puzzles did not seem too big a leap from where I already spend so much of my time, so this is really just a natural progression that I decided to give it's own separate retail space.

What's really great about vintage jigsaw puzzles is that many of them are rare, if not one of a kind (depending on the age), and as an item that is usually stored in a box that's then stored in a drawer or closet, they are most often in excellent secondhand shape!

All of the puzzles from Puzz factor are true vintage, meaning they are at least 20 years old, and all of them will have been worked (yes, by me), so I can guarantee that all of the pieces are intact.

I'm currently "puzzing" feverishly to process and add more inventory, so if you're a puzzle nerd like me, check back frequenty to see what's what.

Blog readers, use the code HOTPUZZ to get 15% off of your orders!

Puzz Factor Etsy's shop icon - a white puzzle piece with a P monogram on it


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