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Seasonal Antidote

This post is a bit of a quick aside that I conjured while I was busying myself photographing this late 90s wrap tunic for the Etsy shop. Despite my hypothermic brain fog caused by trying to take advantage of the outdoor light in a short sleeve shirt, I realized while I was out there that this Ikat top and these embroidered jeans (which I just so happened to have on) did indeed create a bit of a look.

I have quite a few of these Ikat and Aztec-inspired print items from the 90s and 2000s in the shop - I am drawn to these prints at the best of times, but especially at this time of year - they're a nice antidote to all the darkness. And yes, I suppose mean that literally and figuratively. A few weeks ago, pre-lockdown, I had to make a trip to Glasgow and was struck at just how dark everyone's sartorial game was. I mean sure, it's January, but I think that's exactly why I like color at this time of year. When the sun doesn't even think about bringing in the light until well after 830 am and starts going down at 315 pm, you've got to get your light somewhere. Sometimes you just have to bring it yourself.



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