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So Totally Basic

Welcome to the first post of my pandemic life, which to be fair, looks a lot like my pre-pandemic life. I'm still working because as a nurse practitioner, I'm considered essential, as is my husband, who is a ferry skipper. So essentially our life is the same, with much drier hands and a much cleaner house. And the whole social distancing thing? Yeah, that's sort of my lifestyle anyway here in the Highlands. Funny that only when there's a global disaster that you learn your choice of lifestyle actually has a name, and that name is quarantine.

Pandemic Dressing for Comfort, Ease, & Simplicity - Sans Sweatpants

In less complicated times, I would likely never have even given this dress a second look. It's a sort of unexciting color, a style that isn't exactly groundbreaking, and made from a material that essentially renders it an oversized t shirt. What I'm trying to say here is that this t-shirt dress is totally basic.

I almost didn't keep this dress when it arrived in my every-other-month Stitch Fix delivery. I realize that we're all on a bit of a budget right now, and shopping is not exactly a priority, but I've found that my Stitch Fix subscription was one of the things that I did not want to let go of just yet. If you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix (and no, they're not paying me for this), it is essentially a personal style-edit delivery service that you can set-up to suit your budget and timing. I get one every other month - for now. Sometimes they send me some cool stuff, other times, meh. But what it does do is get me to try things outside of my comfort zone, so if it's within your remit to give it a try, do it! Plus, right now while we're not going anywhere (except the same old back yard to shoot posts), It's kind of nice to get something in the mail. It's like a little reward.

Right. This totally basic dress.

We are all having a hard time getting ourselves to find the will to even put on pants these days, am I right? I mean, why bother - it's not like my fireplace or my television, or even the locker room at work cares if I turn up completely groomed and ready to take on the world.

But let us all remember why we are here. If you're reading this, like me, you really like fashion. You find it fun, and enjoy expressing yourself through all things sartorial. Is this something that's gonna cure COVID19? Of course not. But there's a hell of a lot of good science behind the art of doing things that make you feel good. Turns out, it's good for you! Apparently there really is some truth to the old saying "if it feels good, do it!" - and all the better if that thing is every bit as comfortable as those sweatpants that you're having a hard time putting down right now. So once you're ready to bust a move out of those quarantine sweatpants, try something like this basic dress; it's a comfortable alternative to those pandemic sweats that won't be a complete shock to the system, and better yet - it layers really well!

Editor's Cut dress (exclusive to Stitch Fix), very similar / Happiness Boutique necklace (last seen here), similar (US), similar (UK) / Circle G boots / Grace in LA jacket, similar (US), similar (UK)

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Hi Kristin,

I'm glad you didn't send the dress back to Stitch Fix. This color is very soothing for these quarantine days and yes perfect for when "you're ready to bust a move out of those quarantine sweatpants." I love the necklace too. It adds a little bling to the earthy comfort.

I love your realness in this blog post. I could certainly relate and thought other women would too. I posted this blog link in an email series. Anyone who opts in for my "Makeover Your Confidence Guidebook" will see your link.

Stay Safe Essential Worker!

Lisa Jollimois


Jess Jannenga
Jess Jannenga
Apr 06, 2020

Hi Kristin

So true. You do feel a bit better getting dressed instead of the robe or sweatpants on contsant repeat. i love the sage color on you, looks great with your hair.

jess xx

thanks for lnking!

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