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The Lilly Sundress: An HVAC Cooling System for Flamingoes

This post is for Kelli O, who put in a request to see some flamingo realness about a week ago. Let this be the beginning of a trickle-feed of ridiculous, Florida-style, in-your-face flamingo realness brought to you by yours truly and her iPhone - because I didn't even pack a camera when I left for this trip. Whoopsie.

I shot this on the quick moments after arriving home from horse riding. I was sweaty, dirty, and horsey, but the light was just about right, so I quick grabbed the easiest two pieces of flamingo realness in my closet and went with it. Hence the lack of hair, makeup, or general thought-outedness. Right after this photo, I took the cover off that pool and cannon-balled myself into it like a boss.

Both of these pieces are Lilly Pulitzer, and both of them do what I love best about a lot of Lilly Pulitzer dresses; you literally just put them on and go. They're loose, and sort of act as their very own air conditioning system. Something about trapping the air underneath or something, I don't know. I'm not an HVAC engineer. But what I do know is that getting dressed when it's hot outside is incredibly easy when all you have to do is pull what is essentially a large, loose, brightly-colored t-shirt material sack over your head. And true to the original purpose of Lilly Pulitzer clothing (to hide the orange juice stains Pulitzer used to get while working her Palm Beach orange juice stand), they also come in handy masking the stains you get when you attempt to drink a bottle of fizzing turmeric and ginger kombucha while driving down the I75.

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