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Toughen-Up Girly Lace

Yes it's true, this is my second consecutive OOTD post featuring a pair of wild trousers. Ya got me - I have a thing for trousers that leave those who might come into contact with me with the impression that they might actually be talking to someone who has escaped an asylum somewhere.

Warmer weather sort of brings-out the girly prints; both in the world of retail and in our own sensibilities. I know that this is probably nothing more than a reaction to months of wooly opaque clothes adorning our bodies, but even so I find myself being drawn to florals and lace and cutesy little embroidered things at this time of year. I am probably one of the last people who would describe herself as a "pink girl" or into lace or any of the other hyper-feminine trends that surface this time of year, yet there we are.

Life hack: mix your hyper-feminine pieces with a few edgier ones for balance.

With anything I wear, I always feel more comfortable if I put a look together, then sort of mess up its hair a bit. What do I mean by that? I guess I've always felt that for my lifestyle, dressing head to toe in a perfectly-finished high end look is a bit too "done" for me. I need to add a bit of an edge. Jeans, cowboy boots, a funny t-shirt, chunky jewellery - whatever it takes. Consider this look. This blouse is a really feminine eyelet material with slightly puffed sleeves. The trousers are a form-fitting lace pattern. I suppose this look could go pretty high-end with a pair of stilettos, some high-end jewellery, a nice watch and Chanel-type handbag (I might actually have to get a handle on taming my hair to pull it off) get the idea. But in order to mess up this look's hair a bit, I wanted to add some tougher leather accents - an obi cinch belt and my favorite pair of cage wedge booties. Sure, it's still perhaps a bit much for pandemic life (which is going to be the name of my next band BTW), but for me, it just sort of settles into the sweet spot where I feel balanced.

blouse: Oasis / trousers: H&M (old), similar / shoes: Kelsi Dagger (old), similar / turquoise bead bracelets: from my Etsy shop, similar / silver bracelet: Brighton (old), similar / obi belt: ASOS (old), similar / earrings: Shyanne (old), similar / turquoise rings (old): similar, similar

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Gefällt mir

Those are such fun printed pants and I really like the way that they work with the tougher details in your outfit! It's a bit cooler here now with autumn weather arriving so I am looking forward to getting my printed jeans out! :)

Hope you had a good weekend! It was a big day here, first day back at school for my son today after 6 weeks - it was closed because of the virus! Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! The new link up is live on my blog now, I'd love you to join again.

Gefällt mir
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