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Two Ways to Die in the West. Of Scotland. From Exposure.

Sure, this dress is maxi length and has long sleeves, but do not be fooled. It is nowhere near warm enough to be outside without a jacket and a hat. But when you rely on the natural light of the great outdoors to light your photoshoots, you take what you can get when in the west of Scotland. This time of year, if you can get it when it's not raining and/or "blowin' a hoolie" as they say over here, you just kind of have to go for it.

I had been stalking this empire-waisted Tasha Polizzi dress online for a while before I pulled the trigger. I fell in love with the colors and Southwestern pattern, and liked the promise of how versatile It could be; it buttons down the front, so you can wear it as it comes, or as a duster - both of which I have done for you here today. I'd been searching for a fuller, longer dress to wear for quite some time, as they seem to be making a comeback. However, I kept coming up short. This is probably as much to do with my comfort level in a long, full dress as it is on how they actually look, but with my salt and pepper hair, every time I looked at myself in the mirror in something with full sleeves and a full skirt, all I could see staring back at me was someone who appeared to be a sister wife who had wandered away from the compound.

When this baby finally went on sale, I pounced. And you know what? I feel like my instincts were spot-on with this one. Instead of suggesting that I might be a member of a polygamous cult, this longer, fuller dress dress announces that I just might have a knife in my boot.  In fact, that this dress does not make any bones about being bold is sort of the sentiment that underscores how I find I'm defining my style as I get older. I find that as I age, things look better on me if they don't look like they are in the middle of issuing a half-assed apology.

Tasha Polizzi Sonoran dress / Gap jeans / Dingo Laurel boots (old), similar / turquoise necklaces (old), similar, similar /  Turquoise and silver concho earrings, similar / Nine West Boots (old), similar, Ariat belt (old), similar

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