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Y2K 2.0: A Style Upgrade

If you like all things fashion and haven't been living under a rock (but really, haven't we all been living under a rock lately?), you certainly will have already noticed that Y2K era fashion has been steadily making a beeline for us over the past year or so. Nobody is more excited about this than I am. Sure, I suppose this means a resurgence in the tackier things from the era like velour tracksuits, crop tops and blingy, logo-emblazoned handbags (yes, all of those things have their place and are very much making a comeback right now), but there are also more sophisticated, tailored, and whimsical sides to this new take on Y2K style that makes me sit up straighter and take notice.

Y2K version 2.0 has a better eclectic balance to it than its original counterpart. Interesting shapes, denim, sequins, and strange and unexpected textures and materials...all these things have all been incorporated into our old favorites to give our lockdown-starved sartorial auras an injection of some much needed life. This is apparent in everything from separates and sportswear to gowns, footwear and bags. However, this time around there's less of a prescribed feel to how one should wear these pieces; a sort of everything-goes attitude befitting a citizenry sick and tired of looking at themselves in sweatpants, but not yet ready to give up entirely on said sweatpants' comfort.

Perhaps what's best about this latest revival is how accessible it is. You do not need to spend a lot of money to take advantage of these trends! That said, you certainly can spend a lot if you want to. I mentally spent about three million British pounds just drooling over some of the pieces I looked at while researching this post. However, if you're like me and can't afford to purchase new investment pieces (or even one new investment piece) every season, there's hope. Those of us who deal in vintage and preloved clothing are likely sitting atop a giant heap of authentic and affordable Y2K specimens, and the spring and pre-fall runways offer no shortage of inspiration as to how to incorporate these pieces into our 2022 wardrobes. Not that you guys need any help in the inspiration department. Seeing so many 90s / Y2K pieces trending really makes my slacker GenX heart swell, and I'm willing to bet I'm not alone. For those of us who remember these pieces fondly from their first run, it feels a bit like the band is back together again, so go out there and have fun with it - you got this.

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Trend: Mock Necks

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Trend: A Sleek Black Leather Jacket

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Trend: A Sharp, Pointy Bootie

Trend: Funky Printed Jackets

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Trend: The Baguette

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