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90s Inspired Destructed Denim

I'm a big fan of 90s-style denim shirtdresses. They're easy to come by (check your local thrift stores!), travel well, layer even better, and are something you can grab in a pinch and feel like you at least tried to make some kind of look happen that day.

This particular specimen is the only denim dress I have in my closet that isn't actually secondhand. Yes, it's distressed and has the look of something pre-loved, but this one I actually bought off the rack. Sadly, it's from a season ago, so I can no longer find it to link to any more, but this look is easily reproduced with just about any denim dress you can find in your local stores. I decided to go ahead and purchase this one new (something I hardly ever do any more) because I was drawn to the heavy, old-school thickness of the denim, the Western detailing on the pockets and back yoke, and the high-low hem that makes bending over a bit less terrifying if you're not layering it over something.

My intention today was to layer it over tights and a long sleeve shirt, but this sort of happened on its own, and I liked the look. If you were to swap out my Dan Post over the knee boots, which on me are more "mid kneecap" boots (what can I say I'm a giant with long femurs) - but if you were to swap those boots out for a thick-soled Doc Marten and dye my hair back to it's natural bark brunette, you'd basically be looking at my 90s self.

I used to be one of those people who was wary about the type and amount of "destruction" I was willing to wear in my denim, but like a lot of things I used to hold up as sartorial "rules", the older I get the more of them go straight out the window. Check back when I'm still doing this blog in my 80s for the pleather parachute pants paired with a gold lamé bikini top and light-up cowboy hat. By then it will be an absolute no rules free-for-all around here.

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