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A Real Deal 1970s Look

A woman facing the camera wearing a pair of bellbottom jeans, a 70s leather trench coat , and a dagger collar shirt

I suppose it's not all that surprising that a woman who voluntarily cut her hair into a mullet in 2022 would be a fan of seventies style. Predictability notwithstanding, I therefore submit without further commentary exhibit A; a very 1970s look with a few pieces from Highland Fashionista Vintage. Enjoy!

woman with a wavy salt and pepper 70s mullet haircut wearing a dagger collar blouse peeking out from underneath her leather trench coat. She wears tinted hexagonal sunglasses

Woman posing in a pair of bellbottom jeans and a vintage 70s printed dagger collar short

woman facing the camera wearing a vintage 1970s pointy collar shirt and a pair of light wash bellbottom jeans


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