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Basically a Tablecloth

I found this duster-style vest on Ebay for under $10, and thought I'd give it a try. Normally I don't have much use for clothes that are more form than function, and this is essentially just a big swath of fabric, and in a size larger than I usually wear, no less. However, I've discovered that in warmer weather, sometimes you might be bumping about the place in just a t shirt or tank top, then suddenly you go inside or out in public (not so much these days) and you feel sort of naked all the sudden. Doubly so if you live somewhere where they ride the air conditioning really hard.

That's where this top comes in handy. Yes, it's essentially just a tablecloth-sized piece of fabric, but it hangs nicely, and gives-off a kind of dramatic swoosh when you move around in it that makes you feel all fancy, or maybe like a vampire stalking about in a cape or something. I don't know, it's just nicer than feeling a bit exposed in summer. Is it something that I'll wear a lot? Probably not, but in a pinch when you don't feel like getting changed and want to throw together some sort of look before running out the door? Absolutely.

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