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Beer + QVC = New Leopard Jacket

You guys! It was so weird...I was just sitting there in the house, chillin', drinking a beer, and I had QVC on for background...and then a few days later this jacket arrived at my house!

I think that my transformation into Eccentric Florida Lady may be nearing completion. I'm riding around the town on a powder blue scooter in a glitter flames helmet, and quaffing cocktails while ordering from QVC. All I need is a velour sweatsuit and maybe a turban, which come to think of it, both of which would be great for the vintage shop.

Okay, that said, I really didn't know what to expect with this, but when it arrived I was really pleasantly surprised. This blazer is made by Kim Gravel, and it's super stretchy and comfy. The whole jacket is soft, no stiff collars or restrictive sleeves or anything, yet it has enough structure to look sharp. It really is the perfect amount of comfort and shape. And the whole reason I bought it, the print, is the perfect snow leopard for my black and white hair. Want to entice me to buy your product? Make it a black, white, and grey animal print that matches my hair. Apparently that's all it takes with me.

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