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Style Focus: High-Low Hemlines

Howdy fashionphiles! I've been staring at a lot of high-low hemlines of late...not because they are particularly new or innovative, but because I've been testing shop samples like a mad woman, I've recently come to have a deeper appreciation for them.

High-low hemlines offer a little slice of lots of different things; a little more coverage than miniskirts, a decidedly sexier silhouette than a maxi or even a midi skirt, and quite frankly, they feel like a million bucks to wear. They swoosh when you walk and show off your legs and footwear. In this case, the footwear is a pair of vintage Tony Lama boots that I found for $14 at a thrift store!

High-lows can be styled in a myriad of different ways. Take the above specimen - the Señora skirt from HF Mercantile. This skirt is about as simple as they come, a floaty rayon blend with a wide elastic waistband. It's crazy comfy, and really a piece that was probably designed wth a warm summer beach day in mind. However, the moment I saw it, I envisioned it styled the way you see it here, as more of a Southwestern look. That's what I love about the design. It makes that kind of transition seamlessly, and whether you're someone who has to straddle different climates due to travel or lives somewhere with unreliable weather (In my case both of these things are true), a high-low skirt solves a lot of sartorial problems in one go.

If you want to dive (briefly) into the historical origins of the high-low hem, you can read more about it over at HF Mercantile in the latest edition of The Mercantile News.

A graphic link to a newsletter article on the history of the high low hemline


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