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Florida Woman Fashion

A woman wearing a leopard kaftan smoking a cigarette

For the record, I don't smoke. That's a piece of chalk. I was going for a look.

And yes. I'm in Florida right now. It's long overdue, and the weeds I've been pulling around the yard this past week are a testament to that. But weeds notwithstanding, we've all had our wings clipped for a while, and now that moving around again is within reach, it is officially time to unleash my inner sartorial Florida Woman.

That said, this look isn't really even true to the more modern permutation of Florida Woman. You know, the one that makes the paper after she pulls a baby alligator out of her yoga pants at a traffic stop, or goes on a shoplifting spree dressed as a giant turkey. No, this permutation is more old school. I'm thinking more along the lines of Slim Aarons Poolside meets Absolutely Fabulous.


A woman in a leopard kaftan standing in front of a swimming pool with a glass of wine

Florida Woman Fashion - Myth vs Reality

Florida is an easy target, and I suppose for good reason. There is a loud contingency of people willing to stick their necks out to uphold our internationally recognized unhinged armed backwater MAGA on meth reputation. To each his own I suppose, but moving forward as we slowly dare to allow ourselves a smidge of hope for a more sanity-adjacent tomorrow, surely our warm weather wardrobes shouldn't feel like they too need to grow up and get all serious. To my mind, that would be a mistake. License to don insanely bright colors and patterns is one of the things I love about Florida, and by extension Florida woman fashion. I can throw on a flaming neon pink and green shift over my swimsuit, step into my cowboy boots, strap on my glitter flames motorcycle helmet and hop on my powder blue scooter for quick trip to the grocery store and be assured that I will absolutely not be the craziest-looking person in the place.

In this post, I'm encouraging every one of you to embrace your inner Florida woman - the sartorial one, not the alligator-down-the-yoga-pants one. I'm featuring some recently (and not so recently) added pieces to the vintage shop, like this incredible late 60s-70s leopard print, kimono sleeve caftan I'm wearing. This baby is the real deal. You can click on the photos in the post if you want more info on any of these pieces.

Not quite ready to go full Florida Woman? No worries. It's summer, the reality of going somewhere on vacation again is quickly becoming a reality again, and you can still incorporate fun, OTT tropical realness into your style game in small ways, no matter where you might be.

*Baby alligators not included with any of the pieces featured.

A vintage decorative yard sign reading "welcome to the Luau"
a woman in a hawaiian print dress
A vintage Lilly Pulitzer skirt
a woman in a hot pink decorative vintage 80s kaftan
A hawaiian print t shirt and pair of gold sandals
A 90s, Y2K era yellow Hawaiian print sun dress
A vintage 90s era postcard print shirt
A woman wearing an asymmetric hem floral batik summer midi dress
A woman wearing a hawaiian print shirt and shorts
A woman in a leopard print kaftan standing with a glass of wine and a cigarette by a pool

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