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You guys.

You wanna feel old as dirt for a minute?

Look what I found.

Ah, yes. The good old days. The days back in the Y2K era when the worst thing you'd see when you turned on the TV or logged-on to your glacial-speed internet was the absolute assault of celebrities in velour Juicy Couture track suits (doesn't that sound good right about now against the backdrop of our constant doom-scroll reality?) And they were always wearing those chunky flip flops or Fila slides, or UGGS, and they always had massive handbags on their arms. Usually a Louis Vuitton Speedy or a Chloé Paddington or some such. Remember that? Did you know that there was (or maybe still is) an exhibit in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London featuring one of these babies? I am not even kidding.

One of the things that really lights my fire about running my little Etsy vintage shop is that I get to have little fashion moments like this. When I happened across this Juicy Couture track suit on one of my recent vintage recon missions, I literally yelled "OH MY GAWD, NO EFFING WAY" out loud in the store. Nobody even noticed. It's Florida. This is the state where people pull baby alligators out of their yoga pants and have unsecured uranium bouncing around in the back seat of the car when they get pulled over. You have to work a lot harder than that just yelling loudly down here if you want people to think you're off your nut.

So here it is. That's really all I got. Yep, it's a real, no-foolin', purple velour Juicy Couture track suit (this one is clearly a classy, refined one that doesn't have any booty bling), and yes, it is in my shop, should you feel the need to add this fine museum piece (snort) to your collection. I really just wanted you guys to see it, because as you and I both know, fashion is sometimes just freaking hilarious.


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