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Last Minute Gift Shopping with LTK

Welp. With less than two weeks to go until the holiday zero hour, I haven't really had a moment to even think about how I'm going to approach things this year. As much as I'm a person who doesn't spend a lot of time thinking or worrying about holiday gifts, I confess to absolutely loving putting together gift guides and wish lists. To me there is something really luxurious about curating collections and organising all of the shiny, pretty things the fashion/fantasy part of your brain is tickled by. So in the spirit of the season (and shiny pretty things), I'm sharing my 2022 gift lists from LTK with you.

If you're unfamiliar, LTK is a shopping app and blogger affiliate program that enables you to create clickable content. I have been with them a long time, well over a decade now, but until recently I only really used select features that I felt worked within my niche. This last few months I have discovered that, much to my delight, they have streamlined their platform considerably since I originally was invited to join, and they've made it much more accessible for the customer. As a free shopping and inspiration platform, this newest permutation of LTK is simply fantastic. It isn't social media per se (although one can certainly link to social media from it), so as a shopper you aren't sharing your finds with the world or automatically signed up for a community you didn't choose. Nobody sees the things you are browsing, and you aren't obligated to interact with anyone. LTK has simply evolved into a tool that provides personal style inspiration from real human beings and helps you locate the things you see online that speak to you.

As a blogger who deals a lot in one of a kind secondhand and vintage merch, I appreciate the direction that they've taken with this platform, as I find it is more inclusive for those of us who most of the time deal mainly in vintage, handmade, and secondhand picks. The platform is invaluable in helping me source similar items for you if something I am showcasing is out of production or one of a kind.

So if you have ever found yourself curious about a piece you see online and you aren't using the LTK app, go check it out! And please give me, and any of the millions of other creators you'll encounter that might speak to you, a follow!

Having said all that, these gift guides all contain mostly new things that are available right now, this holiday season. Many of these shops are USA-based, but most (bit not all) offer international shipping. To make the most of these gift guides, hover over the individual gift items for more info, or click the button below each guide to see the whole capsule collection on LTK.

A word to those of us in the UK enduring the ongoing postal strikes that are happening throughout the country; things we order online may or may not make it to us in time for the holiday, but I'm taking the approach that this year we are experiencing the "extended dance version" of the holidays (and then some). I sort of like the idea of a gift arriving in February when you least expect it. A little something to look forward to as the winter months seemingly drag on endlessly.

If you want to learn more about the different ways you can use LTK to shop and get inspiration, check out this video by YouTuber Marnie Goldberg. She does an excellent job of highlighting all the most current features.

Happy gift shopping, and happy holidays fashionistas!

Get Inspired with LTK Gift Shopping Lists

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