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My "Florida Woman" Closet & Gallery of Questionable Shorts

I recently realized that to try and do individual posts for all of the acid flamingo realness in my Florida closet, I would need to quit my job and relocate here full-time. While that is indeed the eventual plan, both Himself and I are still a year or few away from that realty, so I have decided to do a few "groupings".  Today's realness - my gallery of loud, questionable shorts.

I call these shorts "questionable" in a very tongue-in-cheek way. To many people, the bright, kitchy prints scare them off, highlighting the insecurities we all have about our butts and thighs and whatever whatever blah blah blah...but here's the thing. When it's really hot out there (and it is getting there pretty darn quickly down here right now), there is no desire or need for a layered look, or any other means of fuss. The less the better, really. And while I love the ease of a sundress, sometimes you really just need something you can wear in and out of a boat, the store, do the yardwork, and not have to change a million times. For me, this occasion (and every occasion really) calls for a pair of crazy, colorful, printed shorts. They're easy, hide stains, and have a sense of humour about themselves that makes you happy when you put them on. A pair of crazy printed shorts thumbs it's nose at your stupid insecurities, and makes you realize that if they're not afraid to let their freak flags fly once in a while, then you shouldn't be either.

All of the shorts pictured here are from Lilly Pulitzer (at this point you are not surprised by this); many I obtained secondhand, so there is a smattering of some vintage and more modern prints. And, I'm embarrassed to add, this is not the entirety of my collection. I keep and wear shorts until the arse is literally worn out of them, so there are also several pairs back at home, waiting in the wings for that one day a year in Scotland that the coach might pick them off the bench and put them in the game. Eventually, they too will relocate here to Florida, just one great big crazy-patterned questionable shorts retirement community, where they will all run free together until the end of days. I included a few of my go-to summertime companion pieces that I wear with these colorful concoctions just about every time, so sunglasses at the ready - enjoy!

All shorts by Lilly Pulitzer / thrifted handbag / Wal Mart sandals

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