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Vintage Head to Toe Y2K Style Look

A woman wearing head to toe vintage Y2K era clothing, superimposed against a pastel mountain scape

Hello again everyone! This is your thrifty fit check for Thursday, October 13th. This look is 100% secondhand, and although the pieces were individually purchased many years apart, put together this look probably cost me under $50!


The Components of This Y2K Style Look

The top in particular is a favorite. It's a Y2K staple; a 90s era plaid cotton blouse by the juniors brand My Michelle. Yes, you can wear juniors clothing in your 50s. I have now done the experiment and can say with some authority that you will not in fact, burst into flames. I Originally purchased this top for inventory for the Highland Fashionista vintage shop, but when I tried it on to photograph it I realized just how well it fit me, so I kept it. Sorry not sorry. When you try something on and it fits you like it was made for you, that's The Universe speaking to you. Far be it for me to go against the will of the universe.

This blouse has many of my favorite late 90s style elements all in one place; a short puffy sleeve, a v neck cutaway collar with a ruffle, and fitted silhouette that requires no tucking in, but still looks streamlined.

The skirt is 90s American eagle and is a simple low-waisted mini with the ubiquitous Y2K style patch pockets. The boots are from Dune UK. They were am impulse buy off of Ebay for £20, and have exceeded my expectations. I have never had a pair of white or cream boots before, and I am hooked. The harness style chain and slightly looser fit of the shaft on these boots makes them super easy to pull on and off, and you'll probably be seeing these a lot this season.

That's the thrift check for the week - stay fabulous!

a woman wearing a plaid fitted blouse with a ruffle at the neck

A side view of a woman wearing a head to toe Y2K look

close up of a woman with salt and pepper hair wearing a plaid thrifted Y2K era blouse

a front view of a head to tow Y2K look featuring a plaid fitted blouse with a ruffle neck. a short denim skirt and a pair of cream boots

a closeup of some silver jewelry; stacked-up silver bracelets and rings on the background of a plaid fitted blouse

A pair of Y2K era cream tall harness bots

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