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Thrift Store Wrestler

I know I haven't been hitting you guys with a lot of daily outfit posts lately. Truth be told, I'm still in the US for another few weeks, and this being a pandemic, and it still being pretty damn hot out there right now in Florida, I'm really only ever in a pair of cutoffs and a -shirt most days. Or in my scooter gear if I'm going somewhere. There's not a lot of variety in my sartorial diet right now.

But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about sartorial things. I'm still curating the vintage shop, and in doing so I inevitably happen upon pre-loved pieces that find their way into my closet. This is one of them.

In fact, come to think of it, with the exception of the jewelry and shoes (okay and the underwear), absolutely everything about this look is secondhand. The jeans are early 2000s era bootcut Hudson Jeans (that I was going to list in the vintage shop then lost the heart), the gorgeous leather belt an unbranded but truly spectacular seven dollar thrift store find, the tank from a Goodwill haul last summer, and the piece de résistance - this duster.

I think this duster is originally from Target (pron: Tar-jay), and it was actually on one of the mannequins in a thrift store in my hometown a couple of weeks ago as I walked in with my sister. It was rumpled and the fringes were all knotted and tangled, but I knew instantly I wanted it, so I wrestled the manneqin for it right there and then, with an audience of people gawking at me. I handily won the wrestling match, by the way. Skinny b**ch never stood a chance.

It took a good washing and me literally combing-out the fringes on the thing with one of those little black barber shop combs, but it was worth it in the end. It's a beautiful piece, and I'm really loving how you can just throw it on and go.

And yes, I gave the poor mannequin a different top to wear to cover herself in her humiliation of such a decisive defeat. I'm not a complete barbarian.

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