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True Thrift

I haven't bought any new clothes in a really long time, which is sort of a strange admission for someone who writes a style blog, but there it is. That's not to say that I haven't brought anything new home - I have. I have just really been finding a lot of satisfaction in finding secondhand treasures.  Buying secondhand ensures that you are probably going to have an item that you won't see on every third person on the street, it's sustainable, and perhaps most of all, it's fun. It's a bit like treasure hunting. My sister and I regularly make a bolt for the shoe department at our favorite thrift haunt in my hometown, pushing each other out of the way and squeeing with delight as we do so, racing each other to get to the good shoes first. And we don't even wear the same size. And yes, we're both in our mid to late 40s, and this is completely normal and well-adjusted behaviour, so don't @ me.

Nearly the entirety of today's look is secondhand, with the exception of the boots, which I believe were heavily discounted online a few seasons back. The top is Lucky Brand,  found in brand new condition; it only required a quick repair of the embroidery on one of the sleeves. The jeans are one of the most ancient pairs in my closet -  so old I actually wouldn't  even remember their provenance with out getting them carbon dated. The vintage faux fur coat was a $20 thrift find a few years back. It's only cold enough to wear it here in the West of Scotland a handful of days a year, but I love it and let me tell you it is warm.

So that was today. Secondhand Tuesday.  I should also point out that these photos were taken in a very lucky six minutes - the only six minutes of natural daylight today where it wasn't raining, so I'm hoping that gazing upon them should make a little of that luck rub off.  We shall see.

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