Monday, April 25, 2016

Long Over Short Over Long

It's funny, I had been forever thinking that I need to try-out a dress over pants kind of arrangement, and simultaneously have been wanting a front-button dress that I could wear as a vest. It's something that I have been revisiting over and over again, not realising that I had just the very piece already lurking in my closet. Such is the way with these things. As I heard a fellow audience member say this past weekend at a thing that I was at, sometimes we get the answer before we have even thought to ask the question.

I am completely in love with this look. All of it (with the exception of the shoes, they're thrifted) is from H&M (albeit not recently). The long "vest" is actually a dress, last seen here (and it looks like I shot the photos on a similarly bright, sunny day), and the trousers are several seasons old now and were originally a part of a suit.

Once again, it's definitely not warm enough for this look yet (*wrings fists towards the heavens screaming whyyyyyyy!?!?*), but it's about to be May, and I am no longer willing to wear dark woollens. I'm not participating in that. I'm opting out. The vernal Equinox was over a month ago, so I'm doing what I can to move this thing forward.

H&M dress (old), similar / H&M trousers (old), similar / gold sandals (thrifted), similar / rose gold necklace (old), similar

Friday, April 22, 2016

Eternal Style: The Tree of Life

I am always happy to collaborate with Eternal Collection, as I have done several times in the past (here, here, and here). Based in Pitlochry (right here in Scotland!), the website has been up and running since 2007 and is the labor of love of husband and wife team Paul and Pauline Buttress. While Paul and his team make about two thirds of the jewellery (these items will have a "handmade" denotation in the description), Pauline also sources unique and beautiful pieces from around the world.

When I saw these Tree of Life Natural Abalone and Sterling Silver Earrings, I knew that they had to come home and live with me. I have blogged at length about my love for organic designs with natural themes, and the Tree of Life is one of my favourite natural themes. If you're unfamiliar with the symbolism of the Tree of Life, you can read about the origins of it as it pertains to world religion and mythology here, or, if you don't feel like reading a lengthy Wikipedia term paper, this site has a nice quick-and-dirty version of the meaning of the Tree of Life as it pertains to Celtic Mythology.

I have been wearing these earrings non-stop ever since they arrived. They're the perfect size; big enough to have a presence, but not so big as to impede daily life. The abalone shell make them super lightweight, and it also creates a beautiful backdrop for the silver tree that makes it look like it's lit from within. I've been pairing these with my favourite sterling cast feather bracelet and labradorite ring - these pieces just seem to work well together in weight, texture, and color story.

You can check out the rest of the Eternal Collection by clicking here to visit their website.