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The Year-Round Summer Skirt

Greetings readers - yep. Still here. I was away last week for a quick break to the Canary Islands to get away from the weather here, and have only just today had the right combo of dry weather and not being at work ( or trying to recover from being at work) to be able to get outside and shoot photos. So here we are. At long last.

I've been trying not to shop for a lot of clothes lately. Quite frankly, I just don't need any at the moment, and with an eventual move to Florida on the horizon in another few years, there is a finite amount of wooly, dark, heavy weather clothing a gal needs. However, summer clothes are something that I still need and use on both sides of the pond. While I've left a lot of my warm weather things in Florida, I still need some here in Scotland too, and had to be sort of judicious about the pieces I decided to keep here. I tried to go with pieces that could pull double duty if need be, and a pretty good example of such a piece is this silk Lilly Pu…

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