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The Sessions Dress

Recently, my husband accidentally put a few of my ancient cotton sundresses in the dryer, and they shrank to the point of no return. It wasn't a total catastrophe, largely due to the fact that I refuse to pay a lot of money for sundresses - garments that are essentially two small squares of fabric and a few strategically placed straps.  I scoured the internet looking for replacement dresses, and was so underwhelmed by the offerings (not to mention the fabrics…who wants to wear polyester in the heat of summer?!) that I came away empty handed.

Off to the thrift stores I went, and within 30 minutes, had secured two replacements for the two dresses that I had lost. Sure, a lot of the time a thrift store dress might need a little "tweaking"….a shortened hem here or the removal of a hideous bow there, but by and large, you can usually find things in the thrift shop that are every bit as lovely as what's new on the rack, for a fraction of the price, and in much more humane…

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