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Hey everyone! Yes, I've been away for a spell. I went away to FL for a few weeks, and pretty much tried to have one of those unplugged vacations, where I do as little as possible in the way of obligations.  I rode horses, I swam (in the pool, sadly not the Gulf due to the red tide), and I ATE. Oh, and I also turned 47, which was fine. I ended up not wearing that dress that I showed you in the last post, mainly because I was at that point so deep into vacation mode that I hadn't worn makeup or even properly brushed my hair, and it just felt kind of like overkill when most of my days were spent in flip flops.

So as far as that whole relaxation thing goes,  I was successful - so much so that re-entry into society has proven to be a bit difficult. My body got used to lazily lounging around and feasting like a Roman Senator, and those first few workouts when I got home left me feeling like I'd gone to 1000 boot camps held on the surface of the 1000 suns. While I was away, Scot…

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