Friday, 3 July 2015

Grecian Aquatic

This. This dress was five bucks. Okay, $5.99 if you want to be pedantic about it, but still. It's a thrifted Jessica Simpson dress that I had actually seen in TK Maxx back in Glasgow earlier in the season. I looked at it long and hard at the time, but didn't try it on, not wanting to spend the thirty nine pounds or so on it that day. Five American dollars (and change) is much better, don't you agree?

The print kind of reminds me of coral, and the whole dress gives off a kind of Grecian-inspired, underwater vibe. I've paired it with flats, because there is enough exposed skin between the draped v-neck and the slit sleeves; I feel like pairing it with heels might just push it too far into trying-too-hard-to-be-sexy land. Like a Real Housewife or something. That's not to say I wouldn't wear it like that for the right occasion, but really, sometimes it's nice to be the person in the room doing something just a wee bit differently. That's how I'm explaining-away the chipping toenail polish. It's art, people. It's an expression of my individuality. Is anyone buying this?

Thrifted Jessica Simpson blouson dress, similar / Sam Edelman for Target sandals (last season), similar

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Quinn From Ebay

Hi guys. Admittedly, my posts have been a bit spotty this past week or so. I'm just kind of chillin' at my parents' place in the US, and wanted to amass a few thrift store purchases and whatnot before I took to the mean streets of Wisconsin to take pictures. I also wanted to give the bruising from the Toronto Pantcident of 2015 time to subside enough to not be a distraction, which it pretty much has. However, with just a few days of the trip remaining, the threat of returning to the Scottish weather conditions looms and I realize that I had better get a move on as some of these summer looks may not come out again for a while. You never know.

This is the "Quinn" dress by Tory Burch. While it's not a thrifted item, I did get it from Ebay, so therefore it counts. Plus, the shoes are thrifted, so it double counts (Franco Sarto cork wedges for $5.99! Boo-yah!)  The dress is a gauzy cotton material, and no, I didn't iron it, and probably won't. I'm the world's worst ironer; It literally takes me about half an hour to do one shirt. Anyway, I kind of like the natural crinkle inherent in this fabric. Despite the very feminine flounces and whatnot, the material gives it a kind of casual, sumer vibe.  I haven't accessorized much here (I didn't bring much with me on this trip), but I think stacks of artsy bangles and some hoop or chandelier earrings would work really well with this dress.

It's always a little unnerving buying something designer from Ebay sight unseen, but I kind of knew that this dress would probably work, for reasons I am not entirely sure even I understand. Let's just go with it's because I'm getting older and know what works on me and leave it at that.

Don't forget, the Wardrobe Malfunction Essay Competition is going on now through July 31st, so send me your story for a chance to win an awesome gift box!

Tory Burch "Quinn" Dress, similar / Franco Sarto weges (thrifted), similar
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