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Well readers, I have no words to describe the relief and gratitude that I feel in being able to write this post. While there are parts of Florida that will be reeling from the effects of hurricane Irma for some time, we here in our community in SW Florida came through virtually unscathed. I can hardly believe it myself. In our housing development, we never even lost power - during a category 3 storm. It seems impossible but it's true.

While the storm definitely punched well below its weight for a lot of the state, certain areas took a much harder hit. CNN tells me today that 25% of the homes in Key West have been destroyed, and 65% have damage. Marco Island pretty much took a direct hit, followed by Naples. Northeast parts of the state up into the Carolinas still have pretty serious flooding in the aftermath. There are still millions without power, but they are slowly working through that, and the fuel is starting to arrive back at the gas stations. Things are getting back on tra…

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