Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Awesome Funky Giftwrap LBD

I got this Thakoon silk dress a few years ago.  In a massive departure from my usual approach to seeking sartorial goodies, it was not on sale, thrifted, Ebayed, or arrived upon in any other treasure-hunted, bargain friendly way. I ordered it right from the design house after seeing it online, so great was my need to have this dress. It is probably my favourite thing in my closet, I love it so. And yes, it needs to be steamed, but not as much as you might think. That sort of draped, gift wrapped appearance is actually on purpose.

I love that it looks like that one awkwardly-shaped Christmas package that you just have to sort of drape the wrapping paper around (It's a bread machine! No, wait...an automatic pancake maker!) The wrapping paper just happens to be silk taffeta in this instance.

I think it spoke to me so much because it seems to be a kind of a juxtaposition of something that is a bit undone made up in a fancy-schmancy fabrication and using some pretty slick dressmaking techniques.

It's super fun to wear. Super. Fun. A little red lipstick is all that is required, as the dress has such funky lines, I don't bother accessorising a lot. And you know what else? The really, really great thing? Backless butt bow!

I have been waiting my entire life to have the occasion to write the words backless butt bow in print, and that moment has finally arrived. Where to go from here? I feel a bit lost, actually.

Thakoon silk plunge dress (no longer available), similar / Stuart Weitzman shoes

Baby Got Back. And Bow. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Complete And Utter Rubbish

This is the kind of stuff that sends people right down the sweatpants rabbit hole - that kind of fine, misty, relentless Scottish weather that no matter how you dress or what precautions you might take, you find yourself soaked from head to toe should you be so bold as to attempt to take out the trash or walk the dog. Why bother? Forget silk. Forget suede. Forget everything you had intended to bring out of your closet today. This sucks.

On days like today, the challenge is actually less the weather and more the ability to resist the tractor beam-like vortex of the yoga pant. Here is today's solution, which incidentally happens to be more comfortable anyway. No need to sacrifice your self respect for the sake of the habitually bad weather. Heck, you don't even have to take your headphones off. See?

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Thrifted sweatshirt, similar / Calvin Klein skirt (old), similar / Converse One Star Shoes / Sony headphones / Thrifted Necklace (old), similar

Make it Happen. Maybe Without the Weather.