Friday, December 2, 2016

Where'd She Go?

Hey guys. Long time, no see. No, I haven't thrown myself off of a precipice in a fit of election-fueled despair. No, I'm not lying in a ditch, or trapped inside an old submerged refrigerator in a quarry or at the bottom of a well as you would expect from one of those old episodes of Lassie.

No, I've simply been on the move of late. I will have more on this in a few weeks, and will be resuming just shortly with more fashion-related posts. In the meantime, please entertain yourself by gazing at this incredibly stark yet beautifully monochromatic shot of the North Dakota plains. Once you've accomplished that, click dutifully on this here text to visit the Go Fund Me page and learn more about how you can donate firewood to the Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock. They need your help.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Respect the Chevron

For someone who has always been "not a nail person", this is my second nail-related post in a month's time. Ever since my friend, who is a rep for Jamberry nails, introduced me to the world of nail wraps, I've been kind of obsessed.  This particular set I was instantly drawn to, and those of you who know my style predilections from hanging around here will have no trouble seeing why.

These nail wraps look like the classic Missoni chevron. Missoni happens to be one of my favourite design houses; I love their use of color and patten, and the fact that their knitwear has a timeless quality to it. This particular chevron is a perfect pairing for one of my favourite cardigans, last seen here. While I'm not necessarily a fan of all things matchy-matchy, sometimes, you just have to go with what speaks to you.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Double Sweaters & Old Boots

While shooting this post, I came to the realisation that this pair of Timberland boots, which I've had for over a decade now and have been like a trusty sidekick during the colder months, are probably on their last legs. The leather is starting to come-away from the zippers, the soles are thinning, and I fear that even a trip to the shoe repair, in addition to being pricey, will not pull these back from the brink. However, we're not there yet, so I'll keep faithfully wearing them until the writing is really and truly on the wall.

It's officially cold out now, and I've always tended to reach for these boots as a standby, as they're waterproof, flexible, and have sturdy lug soles on them so I don't have to worry about the slimy wet ground surface that seems to cover everything most of the year up here. I'll be sad to see these go, but make no mistake, the seed has already been planted that a search for their replacement may be on the horizon. As luck wold have it, the company still makes several permutations of these.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Ugly American: Surviving the Next Four Years in Style

Oh America. What did we do last night? How much did we have to drink!? It's like we went out for a few beers, ended up doing tequila shots with some flashy guy we met at the bar, and woke up this morning passed out in front of the fridge with vomit down the front of our shirts and a Supreme Leader in line for the White House. You guuuuuys….why did you let us drink so much!?!? It's going to take at least four years to get this shirt even remotely clean again…and that's if I can even bring myself to ever look at it again…erp.

Friends, it is not going to be an easy four years. Overt racism, misogyny, and an invigorated sense of isolationist entitlement are only the beginning of the ride we're about to go on, and I am confident that the Great White Hype that is our new Supreme Leader likely has much, much more in store for us. However, above all else, I am an optimist. Those of us who would have had this election turn out differently are united in our desire to not see our beloved country turn into a bubbling cauldron of hate and division; of building walls, singling-out our brothers and sisters on the basis of religion, race or sexuality, or by any other means of cutting off our noses to spite our faces that we might dream-up during the next four years. We will remain united in our desire to lead with love.  We will not be lured into the creepy, windowless van driven by the grinning man with the questionable tan.

But there is absolutely nothing stopping us from looking our best while we survive the apocalypse, is there? That's right ladies, just because you woke up with a crushing hangover, a vomit-stained #I'mWithHer t-shirt, and an orange demagogue in the White House doesn't mean that you can't survive in style. So for all of us who feel like we need a different kind of a leader, allow me to put myself forward for the position of Minister of Progressive Feminist Survivalism and provide you with a short list of things that will aid you in getting through this hot mess that we've created for ourselves with your sense of style intact, even if your soul is currently hemorrhaging uncontrollably .

The Fashionista's Top Four Necessities for Surviving the Next Four Years

No. 1: Rhinestone-Encrusted Earplugs