Monday, 29 September 2014

Light Simple Layering

This Warehouse top (last seen here) is a piece that I got in my bid to try more of the square, boxier, cropped silhouettes that you see nowadays. I love the cropped, boxy silhouette in theory, but in reality cropped can just end up looking like you're trying so hard.  I think for day to day dressing, effort is the enemy of chic..aren't we always supposed to be striving to look effortless?

Yet again, this look didn't photograph well, and that is a shame. I really enjoyed wearing these weird layers, and I think that my choice of the worst possible, hard, overhead, afternoon light was probably to blame this time more than my sartorial choices or the weather, but there you go. We do what we can. I'm thinking about wearing this look later in the week as we embark on our vacation to Greece, only pairing it with shorts. Stay tuned for that one. I'll have to try it out at some point.

As for the blog while we're away, don't fret. (You were't fretting, were you?) As you can see, I've scheduled some stuff. The Republic will still stand in my absence.

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