Sunday, February 19, 2017

Emergency Beauty Hacks for Serious Low Maintenance Living

Greetings readers! It's been a while. Reality has finally caught up with me. I've finally returned from my time at Standing Rock and my post leave in the USA. Eventually, it had to happen; I had to come back to life and work and all of its trappings. As you might imagine, I have a ton of posts to shoot for this blog, and as per standard operating procedure, the Scottish weather has been appalling, and I have not been able get outside to do it.

However, that's not to say that we've got nothing to talk about. There's nothing like an extended trip to somewhere where you are living with the bare minimum (particularly in subzero weather) to really make you realise that you possess and use far too much stuff.  Upon my return, I immediately set about gutting my closet and cosmetic drawers, tossing or donating anything and everything that had either been sitting there a while, or just no longer felt "right". It's very cathartic, and I usually do this a few times a year anyway, but this time, it felt more like a commitment to consuming less than it did a move to simply make room for more stuff. Time will tell if my resolve sticks on this matter. It's my distinct intention that it does.

As I stated previously, there's nothing like a little time living in a tent or tipi in subzero weather with no access to running water to really make you realise how luxurious our normal everyday lives really are. However, I am disinclined to believe that living more simplistically has to mean that you must eschew all things beauty-related. Sometimes I think that when you are trying to pare down, these simple things take on even more meaning when you use them more mindfully. After all, there's nothing that says the revolution can't be glamorous.

During my time at the camp, I zoned-in on a few products that managed to tick more than one box, did what they said on the tin, and yes, still made me feel a bit girly, which is important when you are spending your days wearing six layers of clothing under an insulated Carhartt workman's onesie - the height of subzero camp attire and a challenge of agility when the time comes to go to the outhouse. But I digress. Here are a few of my favourite low-maintenance living beauty products, in no particular order. 

The day I was driving away from camp after the first snow, I caught a glance of myself in the rearview mirror and nearly died laughing. Weeks of constant exposure to campfires and cowboy coffee brewed with free-floating grounds in an iron pot over a fire had turned all the silver bits of the front of my hair yellow, and against the backdrop of all that while snow, my teeth looked no better. Basically, I looked (and probably smelled) like an old gold prospector, minus the beard (thankfully).

This toothpaste functions as sort of the "blue shampoo" of the toothpaste world. Most tooth whitening products contain peroxide, which ultimately is very corrosive to the enamel of the teeth and can while effective in whitening, can cause sensitivity and greater porosity of the enamel which can in turn cause staining to become even more of a problem. While this blue toothpaste is not as fast-acting as a peroxide-based product, it does work. Also they get points for giving you three small tubes instead of one big one, which is great for travel. I got mine at Walgreens in the USA, but it is available worldwide.

Added bonus: the name. If you're going to up sticks and move out to a peaceful demonstration camp for a few months, there is no other product whose name is so mission-appropriate as this one.

What do we want!?
When do we want it!?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Eternal Bella Luna

I'm always happy to collaborate with the UK-based online retailer Eternal Collection, and apparently, the feeling is mutual, as this is my fifth collaboration! You can see some of my previous collaborations here, here, here, and here. Many of the pieces I have showcased on this blog are still available online, so happy shopping!

To date, this sterling silver Luna Cubic Zirconia and White Freshwater Pearl pendant is one of my favourite pieces that Eternal Collection has sent me to review.  I've taken a swing back to smaller jewellery these days (these things seem to go in phases for me), and this piece seems to kind of bridge the gap between a delicate necklace and a statement piece. The size of the pendant has presence, yet is delicate enough to not feel cumbersome around your neck. Crafted from 925 sterling, it's a breeze to keep clean with your favourite jewellery cleaner, and the sparkle of the cubic zirconias give off just enough sparkle to look enticing without being completely over the top for everyday wear. I'm looking forward to layering this one with some of my other delicate silver necklaces to see what kind of combinations I can come up with.