Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Immaturity Chic: The Funny Tee

I have a dirty little secret. I like funny T-shirts.

I know, they are supposedly the height of bad taste...I remember reading the stern warning that Nina Garcia wrote about this in one of her books (which are excellent style guides, by the way).

Well, colour me vulgar if my funny tee collection renders me the enemy of chic, because I am amassing quite a collection, and yes, I actually wear them. Not every day, mind you, but when the mood strikes. I like that it lets the world know that I don't take myself too seriously.

I think there is a way to style a funny tee that can make it into something a sartorially-minded grown-up may actually want to wear. You just have to be a little bit clever with what you pair it with, and maybe use some well-placed layering.  Or maybe I'm just tacky. Either way.


Celebrate immaturity!

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Intersection of Tacky & Chic

If you've been reading for a while, you'll already know that I love a challenge. If you've just clicked on the blog for the first time....well, I guess I just told you. So now you know.  I love a challenge.

One of my favourite things to do with fashion is take something that traditionally has certain connotations associated with it and use it in a different way. Take this leopard print blouse. Although you are always hearing the fashion industry proclaiming that leopard print is a neutral, a claim which I firmly believe, it doesn't necessarily mean that leopard print is particularly easy to wear.

Leopard print is one of those things that historically, was sort of the calling card of the Loose Woman, or perhaps more recently, the ex-Vegas-showgirl-turned-barfly-cougar.  Nowadays, we can see these stereotypes as the thinly-veiled attempts at slut-shaming that they are; yet the trepidation many of us feel for dressing in leopard still does persist, if only subconsciously. After all, if I were to say to you that on a given day I was planning on wearing a silky leopard print blouse paired with a pair of short shorts, big hair, and bright orange lipstick, you might think of my choices as questionable, am I right?

And yet that is exactly what I am wearing.  It's really all down to your choice of print, fabric, and pairings. There are as many permutations of leopard print out there as there are molecules in the universe. It takes time to find just the right one that complements you in skin tone, scale, and what already exists in your wardrobe. Leopard print in and of itself tries really hard, so I find that it works best to pair it with something that is a little more carefree. I chose this loosely-tucked, casual shorts look paired with flat loafers, no jewellery, slightly messy hair, and no makeup other than a bit of orange on the lip; comfy, unassuming, and I daresay the opposite of what one might expect. Roar.

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