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The Gallery of Questionable Shorts

I recently realized that to try and do individual posts for all of the acid flamingo realness in my Florida closet, I would need to quit my job and relocate here full-time. While that is indeed the eventual plan, both Himself and I are still a year or few away from that realty, so I have decided to do a few "groupings".  Today's realness - my gallery of loud, questionable shorts.

I call these shorts "questionable" in a very tongue-in-cheek way. To many people, the bright, kitchy prints scare them off, highlighting the insecurities we all have about our butts and thighs and whatever whatever blah blah blah...but here's the thing. When it's really hot out there (and it is getting there pretty darn quickly down here right now), there is no desire or need for a layered look, or any other means of fuss. The less the better, really. And while I love the ease of a sundress, sometimes you really just need something you can wear in and out of a boat, the store,…

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