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Thrift Store Cowgirl

Every week I go on about how I'm trying to force the season by not putting together any more sweater and boots outfits, and lo and behold, today I appear before you in….you got it! A sweater and boots! You are hereby a witness to my hypocrisy.

The good news is, if you must continue to wear sweaters and boots well into the spring season, choosing a sweater and boots for which you paid absolute peanuts takes the sting out of it a bit. In fact, had it not been for the cold weather, I could have claimed 100% thrift store provenance for this outfit. However, the cashmere sweater throws off the balance a bit. That came from TK Maxx (no, that's not a typo my American friends…TK Maxx is the British equivalent to TJ Maxx).

Despite the whole cowboy boot thing being highly evocative of another look - that often-questionable "festival" look that lands unavoidably in our laps every season and always promises an unsettling blend of crochet, wellies, and cultural appropriation, I …

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