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Day Three and Counting

Lately I've been on the move a lot, posting hasty photos from hotel rooms all over the here's another for you. I am currently in the US visiting my family, and while the Scottish West Highlands managed to avoid the brunt of last week's snowstorm that caused widespread delays and panic all over the UK, it caught up with me after I landed in Minneapolis, dumping a lot of wet, slippery snow onto the Twin Cities and beyond, making my two days of travelling into three by making it impossible to complete the final 90 mile journey from the airport to my parents' place in WI. So here I am in my airport hotel, clutching my gut-rot hotel coffee wishing it were a beer (and it would be soon), contemplating which of the two nearby coronary health nightmare restaurants might be open in the snowstorm. The upside to all this? The girl at the hotel desk gave me a suite when I checked in. A suite, you guys. In the photo, you can see the little shuttered window that looks int…

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