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Sequins for your Mercury Retrograde

Even if you're not a dabbler in astrology, you'll likely have heard someone in your orbit (see what I did there?) blaming some run of bad luck they're having on Mercury retrograde. For those of you unfamiliar, in scientific terms Mercury in retrograde basically refers to the optical illusion created when the planet Mercury appears to be moving in opposition to the other planets in the system - from east to west, the opposite of the usual west to east trajectory. To astrologers, this would mean it is moving backwards through the constellations of the Zodiac. It is this perceived backwards motion through the various Zodiac signs that gets everyones' undies in a bundle; it is said by those who follow the planets that this period of time causes everything from strings of rotten luck to communication problems to inexplicable emotional outbursts. It happens three times per year, the latest one having started on the 5th of March, ending this week on the 28th. And yes, I know…

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