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The Eternal Femme Fatale

I've done several collaborations with Eternal Collection, the UK-based online jewelry retailer that specializes in quality costume jewelry. Their pieces are always a delight, the quality is consistently high-end, the customer service is top-notch, and naturally I am always thrilled to be able to showcase a company whose origins are right here in Scotland, my adoptive country. What's more, they are one of the few retailers around that carries a healthy selection of clip-on jewellery options, as well as tutorials as to how to adjust them.

This time around, the collaboration was every bit as wonderful as it always is. In fact, this time, when I opened the box containing these High Society Diamonte Drop Pierced Earrings, I let out a sound not unlike those of the air brakes on a bus; a loud gasp followed by a high-pitched squee.

These. Earrings. Are. Awesome. 

These earrings are remarkably lightweight for a chandelier earring, and really catch the light, creating a glow around your…

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