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Summer Onesie

It had been a while since I'd shot an outfit of the day post, so naturally I got all ready, got out the DSLR, set up the tripod, then pffft. Dead battery. There was rain on the very near horizon (because Scotland), so today's brief post is brought to you courtesy of my iPhone.

This is a Lilly Pulitzer romper that I found on sale at the end of last season in Tampa. I'm not sure why I thought I even needed to bring it back to Scotland with me, as this is certainly not the kind of thing you can get much wear out of (or really, probably any) in the Highlands, but apparently I had some reason for doing so. But it will be going back to Florida, probably next month. In summer, and I'm talking about properly hot summer here, I like things that are easy. One piece - preferably in a strong color or print so you don't have to wear a lot of jewelery or makeup. The older I get, the more I'm turning into a "one and done" kind of a gal. That said, onesies, rompers,…

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