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1990s Summer Style is Back!

A woman wearing a Zebra print midi dress with spahgetti straps from h&m

All you have to do is quickly browse my vintage shop to know that I have a soft spot for 90s style. The square toed, blocky heel shoes, the slip dresses, the sleeveless mock necks, crushed velvet and bootcut jeans, slides...I love it all!

So you can imagine my excitement as I was browsing the ol' internets this evening looking for a couple of everyday-type sun dresses, when I started to spot familiar 90s midi dress styles, like this adorable dress and shoes (pictured above) from H&M. I mean, all of this is so 90s! A slip dress, block heel slide sandals, and a crescent shoulder bag!

The Simplicity of 1990s Summer Style

The thing I really like about 1990s summer style is how simple it can be. Clean lines, simple cuts...but this time around there's a pop of colour and pattern that for me, really raises the bar. And what's really lovely about a lot of these styles is now they're so timeless and seasonless (is that even a word?) You can easily layer these pieces up when the weather turns. And if like me, you live somewhere where you feel like you are always on tenterhooks with the weather, the weather will turn. Probably later today. Or maybe in five minutes. Either way, we'll be ready. Check out these affordable options (you can click on the photos for details and to shop these items).

A woman in a sleeveless tank midi dress

A woman in a 90s style satin midi slip dress

a woman in a long mock neck printed sleeveless maxi dress

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