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Beth Dutton's Spectacular Faux Fur Wardrobe

Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly) from the TV show Yellowstone sitting in a chair drinking whisky in a big rust color faux fur jacket
All Yellowstone Photos Courtesy of Paramount / Viacom Press

By now we've all seen Yellowstone's Beth Dutton in action. Played by the inimitable Kelly Reilly, who recently described Beth to The Wall Street Journal as "having no edit button", the character is at once passionate, vulnerable, and perhaps most importantly, angry as Hell. While perhaps we wouldn't trust her enough to borrow our truck, we would have all the time in the world for her if she said she wanted to help us throw a few outfits together.

Even if you're not a fan of modern American Western fashion, you have to admit that Beth Dutton's wardrobe has some serious game. Of course, the credit here really goes to film and TV industry veteran Johnetta Boone, the costume designer behind the character. Boone has been working her magic in the biz for the better part of 30 years, and in her expression of Beth Dutton, has managed to give us just the right amount of Western flavor without over-seasoning it into heavily saccharine "buckle bunny" territory. Beth Dutton's style on Yellowstone is often traffic-stopping (remember that gold dress!?), but equally, like a lot of Western-inspired fashion, it's also upbeat, functional, translates well into most geographical environments, and can upgrade from casual to fancy pants with just a few adjustments. Best of all? It's accessible; you can throw a look with Western-inspired elements together on a budget.

There are endless examples of what we enthusiasts would deem pitch-perfect Beth Dutton style, but today, I'm narrowing my focus to look at one particular, seasonally appropriate (if not downright necessary) piece - the faux fur jacket. This is a piece you can easily add to your rotation without taking out a second mortgage, and in a pop of color, it really sings! While most of the original branded items Kelly Reilly wears on Yellowstone tend to sell out with lightning speed, there are still plenty of options out there. Hover over the photos if you want more info on any of these pieces, all of which ship internationally!


Beth Dutton's Faux Fur Wardrobe on a Budget

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