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Shop With Me: Trying on Some Wild Clothing for the Fun Of It

a split screen photo of Highland Fashionista in a bright cobalt blue 70s disco jumpsuit, and on the other side a zebra blazer with jeans.

I was in Glasgow last week, and visited some of the high street shops for the first time in a very long time. Being a dedicated vintage and thrift store shopper, It is a rare occasion that I will purchase something off the rack for myself if I can find a more sustainable option, and quite frankly, I quite enjoy the hunt of the thrift. Usually I save engaging in brick and mortar retail for when I am looking for something specific, or I really want to try before I buy, which is easier said than done these days with the state of retail being what it is.

I ultimately did not find what I was looking for in the city, but instead I did find my long-dormant sense of enthusiasm for going into a shop and trying-on shiny, colourful, impractically wild clothing just for the sheer fun of it. There is absolute joy to be had in allowing yourself an unstructured afternoon of just grabbing the shiniest, craziest, most impractical pieces that speak to you and trying them on, just because you can. It's a simple exercise; you simply say yes to every piece that you are drawn to. That's it. Trust your initial instincts, and no talking yourself out of it. No "where am I ever going to wear this" or "is this too young for me" self-talk, just go try it on because it's fun. All the times I've ever done this, I've come away having learned something about things that I previously thought weren't for me. And yes... I came away with something I never set out to buy and do not necessarily need. Because it is fun.

If like me, you suffer from occasional sartorial impulse control, do what I do and browse mainly the sale items. Below are some highlights from my "accidental sale shopping day of yes", complete with fit notes, and of course product links in case if any of you are interested in trying these items. To link, simply hover over the image on the far right to get the details, or find it in the widget below.


Wild Clothing Piece No. 1: A Bright Velvet Jumpsuit

Fit Notes: This Brit jumpsuit certainly fit my aim to try on all things fun, impractical, and uplifting. Unfortunately when I tried it on, having pulled it out of a messy sale pile with no guidance, I thought the neckline was supposed to be a halter style and not the keyhole style it is meant to me, and that interpretation altered the fit considerably - not in my favor. I cost me length in the body of the garment, an area where I need all I can get. I think this would have looked pretty cool had I actually tied it correctly, but even so, if you're long waisted and/or tall like me, this one may cause you to feel you have to make a choice between a proper fit in the "crotchal region" and the amount of décolletage you're comfortable showing. But it's a great 70s vibe though, and if you're going out on New Year's Eve...just sayin'.

Wild Clothing Piece No. 2: Another Velvet Jumpsuit

Fit Notes: I loved this jumpsuit, and I would be lying if I didn't confess to having it sitting in my virtual shopping cart as we speak while I try and justify it. Long waisted and tall gals, this one will probably work for you because it has adjustable spaghetti straps, so you can put it right where you want it. That said, I did size up to an XL (I wear a US 10, and I'm 5'10"), which is something I always do with jumpsuits on account of my long-waistedness. These are both the available colours, which I had (okay, am having) a hard time choosing which I like more.

Wild Clothing Piece No. 3: A Zebra Blazer

Fit Notes: This is just an easy, fun, one-and-done statement piece. While this blazer is not particularly good quality and is not lined, the pattern, slight glint to the double knit fabric, and sharp angles are pretty forgiving. This piece has a kind of oversized, 90s vibe about it that spoke to me, and it's definitely the kind of thing you can just throw on and not have to worry about. I'm wearing a medium here.

Wild Clothing Piece No. 4: Loud Christmas Sweater

Fit Notes: If you're a festive sweater person (sorry Brits, festive jumper person), as high street Christmas attire goes, this one is actually pretty decent quality. It's thick and has a nice sightly oversized, cozy shape to it. It's an acrylic blend, so you can wash it, and even though it literally screams when you enter a room, there's none of the ubiquitous seasonal bling attached, so you don't have to worry about it falling off or getting caught on something if you're going to store the jumper at the end of the season. I am wearing it in medium here.

Wild Clothing Piece No. 5: Sequinned One Arm Dress

Fit Notes: This dress fits well and is pretty lightweight for a sequin dress. I am generally a fan of sequins, but with this dress the sequins are a lot. If you're looking for something that will really catch the light, this will certainly do that. The ruched waist forgives a multitude of sins and you'll not get lost in the dark. Personally I felt a bit like a baked jacket potato dressed as the Statue of Liberty. I'm not entirely sure that's a bad thing, just maybe not today.

Wild Clothing Piece No. 6: Flare Sleeve Print Dress

Kristin from Highland Fashionista trying on a printed body con dress with flared sleeves

Fit Notes: This knit patterned midi dress with an open back and bell sleeves was absolutely fantastic, so naturally it was the one piece I tried on that not only was the only of its kind in the clearance section on the shop floor, it appears to be completely sold out online.

This dress is a perfect example of how trying that thing on that speaks to you and ignoring the little naysaying voice in your head ends up working in your favor. I was drawn to the print of this dress, but initially put it back, telling myself that it was a body conscious fit and just another thing to have to think about if I were wearing it. However, I quickly realized I was breaking my own rules of the day and threw it in the try on pile anyway. I am very glad I did. Of all the things I tried on that afternoon, this one I knew instantly was coming home with me. While I was unable to turn this dress up online, you may still be able to find it on the floor of your local H&M in one of the clearance sections.

a woman standing in front of a wooden building wearing a body con printed dress with flare sleeves

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