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Summer Fashion Fix: Highland Fashionista May Day Sales

Current preloved modern clothing at Highand Fashionista Depop and Ebay

Calling all fashion-loving readers who are feeling fed-up and tired of this cold, gloomy weather! Even if we can't get into our summer clothes just yet without dying of exposure, we can get our brains and wardrobes ready! This week, you can pimp your summer wardrobe sustainably and affordably on absolutely everything in any of my shops!

For Vintage Fashion Fans

HighlandFashionista Vintage Etsy • everything 15% - 20% off!

sale starts at midnight May 1st, runs thorough May 7th

For Modern Preloved Clothing

Highland Fashionista Depop, Vinted, and Ebay shops • flexible pricing - choose your favorite platform and make an offer!

Vintage clothing available form Highland Fashionista on Etsy


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